**Release Blitz** Pretend You’re Mine by Fabiola Francisco


Pretend You’re Mine
by Fabiola Francisco
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I’ve gotten into my fair share of awkward situations…although, asking a random stranger to be my fake boyfriend is by far the worst. 

In my defense, it was an act of desperation. An act I hope will keep away the men in town who see me as their ticket to becoming the mayor’s son-in-law. 

But I have a plan.

1. Date my fake boyfriend long enough for the news to spread across town.
2. Have a very public breakup that leaves me too heartbroken to move on.
3. Continue living my happily single life. 

There’s only one problem…Harris wasn’t supposed to be the kind of man I’ve always wanted. 

There’s no denying the sparks that fly between us. Just when I’m about to give him my heart, he does the one thing I can’t forgive. 

Our breakup is public all right, and the heartbreak is real.

Tara’s 5**** review


Have you ever found yourself in a situation you cannot get out of alone? What if the only person around was a complete stranger? A good looking stranger?
“I haven’t been in a situation like this before, and as bizarre as it is, it’s kind of fun. One thing I’ve learned about Everton is that there’s never a dull moment.”
When Poppy finds herself in an uncomfortable situation with her town’s local jerk, she looks towards the first person she sees, newcomer Harris, and uses him as her “boyfriend”. When Harris sees Poppy, beautiful and clearly distraught, he cannot and would not pass up the chance to help her out. But the longer they spend time together, feelings become real, and Poppy and Harris realize that they cannot pretend anymore.
“Before I agreed to this, I didn’t realize how deep I’d be thrust into a role that was supposed to be a one-night thing. Although, faking a relationship isn’t something you can show up, do in a night, and expect people to forget about.”
I think this is one of my favourite books (so far!) in the Everton series. Fabiola just has a way with words, and they make my heart happy. Her characters are so relatable and so real and the connection that the people of Everton have is truly remarkable!
“Having her in my arms gives me a sense of completion. I want nothing more than to stay like this for as long as she’ll let me, inhaling her flowery perfume and tasting her sweet skin.”




Book 1: Write you a Love Song is 
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Book 2: Roping Your Heart is 
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Meet Fabiola Francisco


Fabiola Francisco is a contemporary romance author from South Florida. Writing as been a part of her life since she was a teenager. Even at that age, she dreamed of happy endings with emotional twists. Her novels include Perfectly Imperfect, The Restoring Series, Sweet on You Duet, and Red Lights, Black Hearts.  
Her passion for books and writing has inspired her to write her own stories. She writes novels readers could relate to and grow with. She’s currently working on writing more stories that connect with readers on a deeper.
Fabiola also loves expressing herself through art and spending time in nature. In her spare time, she loves to cuddle with a good book and a glass of wine.


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***Release Blitz*** Misadventures with a Firefighter by Julie Morgan

Misadventures with a Firefighter 

by USA Today Bestselling Author Julie Morgan


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Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Cara Murphy is a New York City kindergarten teacher with a bright future and tenure on the horizon, and she won’t let anything—any man—distract her. She’s had her heart broken before, and she won’t make that mistake twice. She’s got her career to focus on, and being single has many, many advantages. 

Noah Hughes is a firefighter with a charred heart who heats up every room he enters, but he lives solely for the happiness of his five-year-old son. When he crosses paths with Cara at a club, sparks fly, and they share a hot night of passion. But that flame is quickly doused during a surprise second encounter. 

Continuing to see each other would truly be playing with fire, but Cara and Noah can’t stop. Still, Cara’s career is in jeopardy, and Noah’s heart is locked in guilt. Is there really a chance they could build a love that forever burns bright? 

Meet the Author

USA TODAY and Award-winning Bestselling Author, Julie Morgan, holds a degree in Computer Science and loves science fiction shows and movies. Encouraged by her family, she began writing. Originally from Texas, Julie now resides in Central Florida with her husband and daughter where she is an advocate for Special Needs children and can be found playing games with her daughter when she isn’t lost in another world. For more information please visit her at www.juliemorganbooks.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliemorganbook/





**Blog Tour** Wings and Roots by Gemma Weir


Wings & Roots by Gemma Weir
The Scions #3
Contemporary upper YA/NA romance
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How do you deal with a life you don’t want and a future you’re terrified of?
That’s what I’ve planned to do for years; run from this narrow world I was born into. Run from the friends I love, but who bind me to the roots I want to leave behind.
Run, towards the anonymity I so desperately crave, to a place where no one knows who I am; where no one cares who my family are.
But something happened that changed all of my plans. My best friend, my sister, fell off her pedestal and hit the ground with a crash.
Now I realise I’m not as ready as I thought I was to run from this life and these people.
Maybe I need the roots that I thought were holding me back, that were actually just stopping me from floating away.
I’m a Scion, one of the elite. I was born into this life, but I crave more.
Everything that’s happened in the last year has shown me that I need my roots, but I want to spread my wings too.
College, boys, adulthood, it’s all calling my name and it’s time to figure out who I am.
My name is Emmy Devereaux and I’m so much more than just the daughter of the president of The Doomsday Sinners MC.

Check out the other books in the series!
Hidden: Book 1
Buy the book: Hyperurl.co/hiddengw




Found: Book 2
Buy the book: Hyperurl.co/foundgw 

Meet the Author

Gemma Weir is a half crazed stay at home mom to three kids, one man child and a hell hound. She has lived in the midlands, in the UK her whole life and has wanted to write a book since she was a child. Gemma has a ridiculously dirty mind and loves her book boyfriends to be big, tattooed alpha males. She’s a reader first and foremost and she loves her romance to come with a happy ending and lots of sexy sex.
Her social media links are:


**Release Tour** Single Daddy Seduction by Angel Devlin and Tracy Lorraine


Single Daddy Seduction (Hot Daddy Series #4) 

by Angel Devlin & Tracy Lorraine.


Amazon: mybook.to/SDS


Genre: Contemporary Romance 


Forbidden never tasted so good. 

He’s my daddy’s best friend, and he took a huge chance on me. I wasn’t meant to thank him by falling into his bed, I was just meant to care for his twins. But my life has just imploded and he’s the only good thing I’ve got right now.

She’s my best friend’s daughter. Completely off-limits and yet I simply can’t resist. I need her to look after my babies, but I want her for myself. She’s the first good thing to come into my life since my wife died.

But is our forbidden romance our chance at a fresh start or will we be forced apart before it even begins?

Tara’s 5***** Review


Holy. Hotness! Single Daddy Seduction is one of the hottest things I have read in a long time!
“Reaching out, I wrap an arm around her waist to stop her from falling. A spark shoots up my arm. It’s so strong that I almost release her again but the second she turns her wide, panicked eyes on me, I manage to regain some kind of composure.”
Two fantasies are written in this story. Beautiful lady, nannying for a super hot single dad…hot single dad having an uber hot nanny look after his kids. When these two fantasies merge, we have Single Daddy Seduction.
Sarah and Emmett are brought together by one thing, Emmett’s children needing a proper care giver. When Sarah accepts the job, she cannot believe that she gets to spend time around this gorgeous man. And Emmett cannot believe that he has a super hot woman staying at his house, looking after his kids. But when Sarah and Emmett’s pasts threaten to take away their connection, they must revisit hidden feelings to find what they truly can have.
“I know this is a bad idea. But then why does it feel so good? Right now I refuse to think about tomorrow, about anything other than the incredible feelings coursing through my body courtesy of this amazing man.”
This is my favourite out of all the Hot Daddy series. There is so much sexual tension in this book, you can practically feel it through the words Tracy and Angel have written. There are also moments of heartbreak and love, giving Single Daddy Seduction all the feels!
“There’s something between us. Something big, but it’s wrong. We’ve both said it, we both are aware.”


Meet the Authors
Angel Devlin is the alter-ego of paranormal, rom com, and suspense writer, Andie M. Long. Check out Angel for stories of heart and heat.
She lives in Sheffield with her partner, son, and a gorgeous whippet called Bella.
Facebook page:
Sign up to Angel’s newsletter here:
Tracy Lorraine is a British contemporary romance author. Tracy lives in a cute Cotswold village with her husband, daughter and lovable but slightly crazy dog. Having always been a bookaholic with her head stuck in her Kindle Tracy decided to try her hand at a story idea she dreamt up and hasn’t looked back since.


**Release Blitz** Whatever It Takes by S Jones

Whatever it Takes by S Jones
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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It’s been seven years since Quinn Walker ended our engagement.
I’ve moved on, married his enemy, and started my own family.
Everything was perfect…until it wasn’t. My new life was a lie, and my husband turned out to be a fraud. The man that I married was now a wanted fugitive, and my ex-fiancé was the cop who was intent on making him pay.
He’s convinced that a simple apology and a dimpled smile is enough to fix that broken heart that he tore apart years ago.
I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him at a distance. Yet, all it takes is one kiss, one touch for me to remember how great our love was before he threw it away.
Little does he know that I’m not the young, foolish girl who he left behind. If he thinks he can waltz back into my life like the past never happened, he has another thing coming.
I can accept that fate sent him back to me. Now, I need to assure my foolish heart that this means nothing. 
Meet S Jones
S. Jones is a contemporary romance author from Upstate New York. She has a strong passion for writing and reading stories that will rip your heart out before it’s put back together again.
If she’s not buried in her writing cave, she’s usually reading or planning out her next vacation. She loves to travel to different places and spends all her free with her husband, and two college age children.
When the weather permits, you can find her outside walking her golden retriever, or enjoying a nice cocktail by the pool. She loves cooking and entertaining for her family and friends.
When she’s not holding a glass of wine in one hand and her kindle in the other, she loves to hear from her readers at:
Social media links:
Reader Group- http://bit.ly/2So5kgf
Head over to S Jones’ Author page for a fantastic Gift card giveaway!
Her hands slid along my sides, leaving a trail of heat in their path. That familiar spark came to life. “I’ve never stopped loving you, Quinn. That was always the problem, I loved you too much. But I can’t do this with you now. My life is a mess.”
I battled with the urge to kiss her. To claim her. To remind her that she had always been mine. But she was right, we had a mountain of issues to work through. When I asked her to marry me, we were both young and naïve. It didn’t matter how much love and passion there was in our relationship. Whatever hope for a future we had, I thoroughly destroyed. And that asshat capitalized it. Now it was my turn to try to fix it and get us back to where we were meant to be.
“I’m going to do whatever it takes to make you see that I’m checking back into your life. I know you think I left you, but I never really let you go.” A tear fell and I pushed it away with my thumb. “I’m here to stay this time. I promise you.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep. The last time you did you broke every single one, including my heart.”
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**Release Day Blitz** You, Me, and The Crazy Ex by Elle Luckett

You, Me, and The Crazy Ex by Elle Luckett
A standalone novella in her Club Stigmata Series
Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM

Buy The Book —> mybook.to/ACSN2
Book 1 available here —> mybook.to/ACSN1
Book 3 coming in 2020 available to add to your TBR here —> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49197971-you-me-and-the-stalker
For your first glimpse into the Stigmata world, you can download The Favor, a full-length standalone novel here —> mybook.to/TheFavorElleLuckett
Get ready for your next addiction.
Blurb: Emerson Henley wasn’t afraid of love. She’d just never found a guy that sparked her interest beyond a night of bondage and play.
When a blind date organized by her younger sister goes awry, Emerson heads home and spots a sexy mystery man on the streetcar.
When the mystery man appears in Club Stigmata and chooses Emerson to play with, their chemistry is off the charts. Unfortunately, he also has a past he can’t seem to shake.
#ClubStigmata #ACSN #Novella #ElleLuckett #EroticNovella #YMATCE
Meet The Author:
Elle Luckett was born in Houston, mainly in the mind of L.J. Stock. As the darker side of a generally light personality, she became the voice that would tell lustful stories, something born from a very vivid imagination and an amass of characters with some interesting habits and tastes.

Connect with Elle on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elleluckett/

Buy The Book —> mybook.to/ACSN2
Tara’s 4**** Review
A hot little read about two consenting adults finding more that a hot night at Club Stigmata.
“He read my body language with every touch and taste of my flesh. He read every reaction to every word he uttered and was feeding on that like a starving man. He was using all of this to his advantage, and he left me wanting more.”
When Emerson goes to work, she isn’t expecting a night of play with a new Dom. When she realizes she’s seen this mystery man once before, she cannot compete with all the new feelings and drama that comes along. When Denton first sees Emerson on the streetcar, he cannot believe the spark between the two of them. When Denton enters Club Stigmata, he is shocked to learn that he can have Emerson as a sub. Taking a chance, these two enter a world of lust and trust.
“That was it for me. With the connection between us now made physical, all of my conscious thought escaped with the crashing plates that fell from the surface of his table.”
Elle takes us into a world of sex, trust and possibilities in her Club Stigmata books. You, Me and the Crazy Ex introduces us to some new characters, and allows us to catch up with some old ones. This novella is filled with so much sexual tension, you will not be able to put this book down!
“I could feel the truth of the words running through me now I was being made to step back and look at what I was doing through someone else’s eyes.”