**Blog Tour** The Wrong Game by Charlie M. Matthews

Book: The Wrong Game
Author: Charlie M. Matthews
Genre: Sports Romance



Taylor Lawson

Tall, tanned, and stupidly muscular, Taylor Lawson was the definition of a bad boy—an overconfident footballer whose arrogance knew no bounds. His deep, brown eyes were a thing of beauty—enough to make you want to bare your soul to him and a whole lot more.

When his father was sent to prison, Taylor’s life spiralled out of control. Everything he thought he knew was a lie, and his passion for the game took a backseat to everything else in his life.

Wasted, and angry at the world, Taylor could see no way out. He was soon forced to realise that not everything in life was easy. But fighting your fears and taking back control is the easy part. Learning to hold on to that control would be Taylor’s biggest challenge yet.

Lola Henderson

After the accident that ripped her world out from underneath her feet, Lola struggled to find her place in the world again. Living through an endless nightmare, so scared and unsure of herself, and with fear playing a continuous loop, she was fighting a losing battle. 

Winslow Falls was meant to be the fresh start she needed to find herself again, but when she locked eyes with the star striker on the college football team, she knew she was done for.

Would Lola continue to avoid the boy that made her feel things she knew was wrong? Or would fate throw them together, forcing them on to an unlikely path of friendship?

Maybe Taylor was exactly who she needed in her life to overcome the fear that plagued her every day.

“Two wrongs didn’t make a right. But in our case they did.”

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Meet the Author

Charlie M. Matthews is a hopeless romantic, lost in her own world of fairy tales and adventures. A lover of art and painting, she’d happily trade in her everyday clothes in exchange for a paint smudged shirt. In the confines of her attic room, she is able to create a world that is unlike no other. Mixing fantasy and fiction to generate a piece of work that she could so easily lose herself in. With her wild imagination and passion for reading, Charlie stumbled upon a new love. 


What started as a distraction from the crazy little thing that is ‘life’, it soon became all too real. She no longer dreamt about the day her words would be published for all to see because that day had finally come. Charlie published her first word baby, Scott Jenkins’ Road to Wonderland, back in October 2015 and has been working on various pieces since then. Her new novel, The Wrong Game is set to be released this year and sums up everything Charlie loves in a book. 

Charlie is a mum of three beautiful children, living in a small village on the outskirts of Oxfordshire, England. Born and raised in the busy town of Reading, she switched the bright lights and traffic jams for a quiet life in the sticks a little over 6 years ago. 

Between school runs and generally just doing the whole ‘mum’ thing, you’ll most likely find her slobbing out on the sofa in her PJ’s with a glass of wine and her trusty kindle. 


Twitter: @C_MMatthews

**Blog Tour** I Dream of Wild (Hidden Souls #3) by J.P. Uvalle

I Dream of Wild
Book Three from the Hidden Souls Series
By J. P. Uvalle
Release Date: May 8th
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy


Available in Ebook and Paperback:


One Leader.
One Team.
One War.
One Fate.

XANDRA KALLAN—Continues to battle with her past demons while focusing on her duties as CEO of the most successful crime-eliminating agency in the world.
With her flames, LIAM HENDRIK and SINTHOS still missing in action, she finds it impossible to move on—to open up, to love again.
Xandra’s soul mates want nothing but the best for her, wanting nothing more than her happiness. Their love for her has them vying for her affection—a game of love and war with a sure guarantee that someone will end up hurt or even dead.
When the gloves come off in this violent battle to claim her love, who will Xandra choose to be by her side for all eternity?
Life-altering secrets are revealed…
Xandra’s life will never be the same…
Now, it’s time for Xandra to walk on the WILD side…
The cards are on the table…
The world’s fate rests in her hands…
Will Xandra rise up to lead or will she chose to remain captive by her troubling past?

Prologue ~  Xandra Kallan 

Have you ever seen someone’s life flash before your eyes?
I have.
Every time I recite their eulogy, their memories hit me hard like a speeding freight train, seconds from derailing off the track. Unwillingly, I was the keeper of their memories. The vault housing all their deepest, darkest secrets, and once they were gone forever, I would lock them and throw away the key.
Descendant #1205: The Nightingale
My soulmates, Apollo and I, snuck into a hotel building in downtown Manhattan. The hotel was under siege with civilians being held as hostages. Strapped and suited in gray body armor, we were ready to cross another soul’s name off our ever-growing list of Arcos’s descendants. I hand-signaled for us to separate to complete our individual missions. They were responsible for freeing the hostages and extinguishing the captors, while I took out the head-bitch-in-charge, Farrah Giago. Her sin was greed. She would sing her victims to sleep, rob them of all their valuables, and assassinate them. In the past two weeks, her and her crew had cleaned out six major banks around the United States, stealing over one-hundred million dollars. Every undercover attempt to bring her to the light had failed. Today was her judgment day. Apollo and I trapped her in the hallway. She was covered in the blood of the old woman she’d just brutally stabbed to death. Her eyes held the telltale signs of a lost soul—no remorse, no guilt. Killing to her seemed just as easy as breathing.
How could she be so heartless?
The vacantly fixed eyes of the old lady centering on me made the blood in my veins run cold. This frail woman was someone’s mother, grandmother or aunt, and now she was gone. In a heartbeat. I couldn’t save her.
“Who the fuck are you, and why do you keep following me around?” she yelled, getting up in my face as she gritted her teeth. Looking into her brown eyes hidden underneath her bangs of chocolate-brown, I realized she was a soul who couldn’t be saved. Her soul was as dead as the woman she’d just killed. All that lay in the gateways to her soul was emptiness. Emptiness her greed could never satisfy—she’d always going to want more. Her deep-rooted need for greed helped me to understand the murderous anger of Arcos. He was only half a soul constantly searching for a way to fill the empty void.
“I was your savior but now your maker. Your evil among this world is a deal breaker. I’m the undertaker of your soul. With this one special bullet to your head, I will extinguish the evil you bestow. For your sin of greed, will be no more. Any final words?”
She spat in my face before flashing me that notorious and mischievous smile.
With the swift pull of my trigger, the dark to her light went out. “May your Hidden Soul rest in peace.”

About the Author

J. P. Uvalle is a beautifully twisted soul who has a passion for writing paranormal romance and has the divine ability to make the unbelievable, believable. She was born and raised in Colorado Springs, went to Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science and Technology. JP works part-time as an ICU technician in Highlands Ranch, Colorado at an emergency/specialty hospital. Aside from being a technician and a writer, she runs two businesses in her spare time— Beautifully Twisted Publishing, and Mary Kay. On top of that, she also contributes her time to the Beneath the Ashes Blog as a Promotions Manager. When she’s not saving lives, coming up with her next plot twist or making women feel pretty and pampered, she’s spending time with family and friends.
Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/J.P.Uvalle/ https://m.facebook.com/beautifully.twisted.publishing/
Twitter: @Soul4Writer
Instagram: j.p. uvalle
Book One
Resurrection of Sin

Book Two
Descendants of Arcos

**Blog Tour** Marcus by Victoria L. James

Book: Marcus (A Natexus Novel)
Author: Victoria L. James
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Five weeks after Natalie walked out of my life, I was forced to go back to the start. Twice I’d given my heart to those who didn’t want it, leaving me alone again wondering who I was, where I was meant to be going, and what I stood for.
Loneliness became my new best friend, no matter how hard I tried to deny it. Bitterness threatened to take over and turn me into somebody I wasn’t. Nothing made me feel alive anymore. Nothing made me happy.
Until she arrived. Her. The girl no one was meant to fall in love with—especially not me. Especially not then.
We didn’t know that our time together was fleeting. Our futures were already shaped for us, weaved together by a string of events that were destined to tear us apart if we let them. I just wasn’t willing to go down without a fight this time.
Not all men give up so easily, and the scars on my heart had made me stronger. If anyone could beat the cruel hand of fate, it was me. All I had to do was believe.
In me. In her. In us.
That beautiful, unexpected, thrilling, surprise love of mine.
~ Marcus Anderson

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Meet the Author

Victoria L James is a teenage girl stuck in a thirty-something year-olds body. Living somewhere ‘oop north’ in England, she has had a strong passion for words and stories going as far back as she can remember, which she credits to her grandmother and her love of reading anything that was on sale and cheap from the local market stall. Never once did she think she would release a novel, though. At best, she thought her love of language and her ability to create stories in her mind would provide her with a ‘get out of jail free’ card whenever she messed up and her parents were mad at her during her teenage years… and when even that didn’t work out, she thought she was pretty much done for.

When an opportunity presented itself for her to take a back seat from paid working life for a few years, she knew straight away that she had to try and write about a few of these worlds she’d come up with along the way, and quieten all the voices in her head without racking up a heavy psychiatry bill for the pleasure.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve and trying to lighten her friends’ and family’s lives with naff, and more often than not, badly timed, nineties jokes, she has yet to learn the art of knowing when to shut up. Which is another reason writing became a passion of hers. With pen and paper, there are no limits.

A firm believer in never quitting, with a ridiculous obsession for all things Rocky, she hopes that one day she writes a story that will inspire at least one person out there to keep on going if they’re struggling. Other than that, she’s just a regular old converse wearing, corona sipping, English version of Chandler Bing, who loves and adores her family more than life itself. Oh, and she also has two cats. Every writer has to mention their cats, right?

Other Books in the Series

Download Natexus (book one) here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B8I03HM
Download All the Way (book two) here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MF8SF9K

5***** Review by Tara

Ooooo Marcus!  I loved him in Natexus, but after reading Marcus, I’m a wee bit obsessed with him!!  And well, the hot Viking friend too!!!  
“I gazed into her eyes as though she was looking straight back at me, and I felt the ghost of her and all the times we’d shared tickle my spine with fond memories. I just couldn’t find it in me to forget the ultimate memory that broke my heart: the moment she turned her back and walked away.”
Always being dealt the losing hand in the world of love, Marcus has had enough. Deciding to live his life, Marcus embraces being single. But when memories revisit him, Marcus can’t help but feel like he’s second place…again. When a whirlwind enters the scene, she turns Marcus’ world upside down. Spending time together opens Marcus’ eyes and his heart. When a tragedy happens, lost loves, broken hearts and future dreams are tested. 
“But no amount of creativity could shine so brightly that it made me completely unaware of the greyer world I was now living in. It was emptier, but not empty. I knew that. I just had to ride the wave of this time in my life. No big deal.”
Victoria’s writing carries you away like you are in a dream. Her words flow so magically together, you are transported right into the story. Victoria also did my favourite thing…she lets us revisit characters from Natexus!  I love this because it feels like her books blend so well together!  This is a story that needed to be told, Marcus needed a voice, and Victoria L. James was the only one that could give him one!!
“There’s a happily ever after out there for everyone. You’ve just got to be willing to wait, and willing to change all the rules once they find you.”