**Release Blitz** Storm Runners by Nara Malone

Storm Runners (An Interactive Romance)

by Nara Malone

Release Date: 8/30/2017


A Pick-Your-Passion Interactive Romance
Trella gambled on hitting the big time as a singer/songwriter, vowing she’d be a star in a year. She wound up hungry, homeless, and jobless, with only a charity bus ticket to get her home. With a blizzard rolling in and planes grounded, the last bus out of town is a last chance to reach destinations for a host of strangers almost as desperate as she is.
When the storm leaves everyone stranded in a small town waiting out the blizzard, Trella takes the opportunity to turn her burgeoning fantasies into reality—and you’ll get to choose which path Trella takes to find the happy ending she desperately needs.
Will it be:
Bus line owner/driver, Greyson, who looks like he could double as the lead singer in a heavy metal band, and tempts her to explore the darker side of love.
Wounded warrior Diana, with her voice as sweet as Cajun honey, luring Trella to her with an erotic tale of southern heat on the bayou.
The two sexy gamer guys who enchant her with a VR fantasy world where two handsome knights wait to serve her every desire.
Where will love take you?

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Meet The Author
Whether it’s a shapeshifter romance exploring the primal power of the wild feminine, or BDSM romance where love digs into a character’s shadows, Nara believes romance should open the door and push lovers into a new dimension: sexually, emotionally, and sometimes physically. 
Nara Malone is an award winning novelist and poet. As a freelance journalist and writer, her feature profiles on women entrepreneurs and her romantic short stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, and digital publications.
Nara lives on a small farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When she’s not writing, she loves to run, hike, bike, and kayak. Every story she tells incorporates her love of animals, nature, and adventure.

**Release Blitz & Blog Tour** Shattered (Steel Brothers Saga) by Helen Hardt

Shattered (Steel Brothers Saga #7) 
by Helen Hardt
Release Date: 29th August 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Ryan Steel is known in Snow Creek as the handsomest Steel brother with the most jovial personality. Now that his busy grape harvest and winemaking season is over, he’s happy to spend time with his family and help his brothers, Talon and Jonah, celebrate their impending nuptials. The Steels are taking a well-deserved break from the conspiracy surrounding them…until an unlikely woman and a long-buried secret shatter Ryan’s world. 
Detective Ruby Lee has been on her own since she was fifteen. When her past collides with the Steel family’s mysteries, she’s determined to find the truth. She has her own issues, and she’s not looking for a relationship, despite her all-consuming attraction to Ryan Steel. The gorgeous dark-haired man gets under her skin anyway…and he needs her. 
Together they explore both of their histories, but those pasts could cost them a future.

Our Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review by Kristie K
Just when you think she can’t possibly have any more twists to throw your way, Helen Hardt surprises you with the biggest twist of all…
When we are presented with the word shattered, it evokes images of broken things, such as mirrors or glass. It can also, and more poignantly evoke feelings of broken hearts, minds, bodies, or souls…but in this case, its all four.  Helen Hardt continues to weave her tangled web in the seventh instalment of the Steel Brothers series with Shattered, the first of the series focusing on the youngest Steel brother, Ryan.  Long considered the “pretty boy” of the family, Ryan heads up the winery at the Steel family ranch.  The most easy going, and jovial of the Steel boys, Ryan is ready to watch his brothers get married in paradise, and begin their happily ever afters.  While in Jamaica for the weddings, Ryan meets Ruby Lee, local detective and friend of his soon-to-be sister-in-law Melanie.  Ruby Lee keeps to herself, stays out of the spotlight, and fights for those that can’t fight for themselves.  Downplaying her innate beauty in her everyday life, Ruby is forced out of her comfort zone in Jamaica when her duties as Maid of Honor require her to doll herself up a bit and let down her hair.  When Ryan catches a glimpse of the beauty beneath the facade, he can’t get enough of Ruby and wants nothing more than to get to know her better.  As their friendship and attraction grows, more secrets come to light…some that may be devastating enough to shatter their burgeoning relationship.
Holy hell, Ms. Hardt….what are you doing to me?!?! As with the last six instalments, Shattered took me on another adventure that left me gasping and breathless.  The devastating and horrific secrets that haunt the Steel brothers continue to wreak their havoc, revealing ever more destructive mysteries in their twisted past.  Shattered brings even more challenges and heart wrenching situations to the forefront for the Steel boys, this time with possibly the most devastating coming for not just Ryan, but them all.  I honestly wasn’t sure how Ms. Hardt could possibly bring MORE to this already full table, but on all that is holy, she has!  The story continues to weave a tangled and twisted tale of horror, deceit, and betrayal…and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.  The characters continue to grow, change, and evolve, becoming even more amazing and easy to love than before.  Ryan is a dream, with a heart of gold and the soul of a fighter.  Ruby is a fallen angel, just waiting for the right reason to spread her wings again and fly.  The plot and storyline are even more amazing and well executed than in the beginning, and continue to evolve and completely blow my mind!  As with the previous instalments, Ms. Hardt has left us on a devastating cliff-hanger, but this one comes with a new and refreshing twist from the previous stories.  I am counting down the days until Twisted graces my kindle, Ms. Hardt…

Meet The Author:

#1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Helen Hardt’s passion for the written word began with the books her mother read to her at bedtime. She wrote her first story at age six and hasn’t stopped since. In addition to being an award winning author of contemporary and historical romance and erotica, she’s a mother, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an appreciator of fine red wine, and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. She writes from her home in Colorado, where she lives with her family. Helen loves to hear from readers.


**Release Day Blitz** Pucker Up by Sara Hubbard

Book: Pucker Up
Author: Sara Hubbard
Release Date: 25th August 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult


His name was Ozzie.

He was the college hockey star every girl wanted a piece of and who every guy wanted to be.

But I didn’t know he existed. Not until the editor of the school paper agreed to give me a position in exchange for writing an article about him and his private life. I want the position. More than anything. It’s been part of my plan for as long as I can remember. But associating with jocks isn’t something I’m comfortable with given how unpopular and awkward I was in high school. I can’t let that stand in my way, though. I’m too stubborn for that.

I devise a plan to meet him and it works better than I thought it would. I don’t tell him what I’m up to, and by the time I start to realize what all the fuss is about, it’s too late. My lie threatens to expose his darkest secrets and also break my heart.

Tara’s 5 star Review

Swoon!  Hot hockey player and the girl nobody saw in high school??  Sounds like a perfect read. (This Canadian girl might be biased, but the setting is pretty amazing as well). 
“I close my eyes, enjoy it, almost forgetting what I asked him. I drift away to a world where nothing but right now exists. There is no article. I’m not going to betray him or his confidence. In this moment, I understand how girls fall.”
All her life Charlie was that girl nobody saw. But when the did see her, it was to make her life miserable. Now being in a new school, taking care of herself, she still sees that loner girl in the mirror until she meets Ozzy. Needing to break a huge story on the mystery hockey star Ozzy, Charlie soon discovers that everyone has a past that has tainted them, and she must decide if her future goals are worth destroying someone’s dreams. Ozzy soon learns that sometimes in life it’s ok to open up, but can he trust Charlie?  
“These feelings are so new I’m unsure of what I’m supposed to do next. I’m not used to feeling so much for someone so I’m unable to differentiate want from need. Because right now I need him.”
This book was sooo good. Pucker Up is filled with so much truth, romance, and hot steamy connections. Sara’s writing is strong, and she’s not afraid to tackle the real issues in society today. I definitely want more from Sara!!  

“I don’t have what it takes. I don’t want that life if it means not being able to look at myself in the mirror. I’m not sure if anything is worth that.”

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Meet The Author

Sara Hubbard is an author of romantic fiction. Her debut novel BLOOD, SHE READ released fall 2012 and was a NEORWA Cleveland Rocks winner and a RCRW Duel on the Delta finalist. Her first contemporary novel, Beautiful and Broken was an Amazon bestseller.

Sara lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her two children (four if you count her husband and her needy labradoodle) and works as a registered nurse.

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***Release Blitz & Blog Tour*** Fate (Trinity Series #5) by Audrey Carlan

Fate (Trinity Series #5)

by Audrey Carlan

Release Date: 22nd August

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Fate (Trinity Series #5)
Not many can say they were burned by fate. I’m the exception.
Scalded figuratively, emotionally, and physically… I have the scars running down my arm, ribs, and side to prove it.
The doctors have done what they can to heal me by smoothing the abraded skin using other parts of my body. But they can only do so much. Sometimes, what can’t be seen can’t be healed.
The fire that night took more than a pound of flesh. It obliterated my talent, beauty, and most importantly, seared the connection I had with the man I loved. Sure, it was me who pushed him away, but I had my reasons. I did what any woman would do in my situation. I gave up everything so that one day he’d find happiness and peace.
Now I’ve healed a bit on the outside, and on the inside, but I still crave the one I let go. To this day he looks at me with fire in his eyes, a heat so bright in his being he glows with it. I fear the light, the flames that could consume me whole. The problem now is, he’s not mine anymore. I just may have waited too long to fight for him, for us, for a future together.
There’s only one thing I can do. Let fate decide.

Our Review

Kristie K’s 5 star Review
Audrey Carlan delivers the final installment of the Trinity Series, and it is nothing short of a masterpiece…
Fate…a four letter word that some attribute to the bad in life, but most attribute to the wonderful, amazing, and earth-shattering perfection some of us are lucky enough to experience.  Kathleen has spent the last three years fighting to get some semblance of her life back.  After the fire that nearly took her life, Kathleen has drowned herself in the insecurities, guilt, and fear in her heart…pushing away all those that she loves the most…none more crushing than the night she shoved the love of her life out the door, for good.  But, when they come face to face again, the fire that seared them both re-ignites into an inferno that can’t be denied…not this time.  Finally at a place to give him another chance, Kathleen opens her door, her arms, and her heart to him one more time, this time she’s ready for forever.  Carson never stopped loving her, and when Kathleen comes back into his life, he’s more than ready to whatever it takes to make her his wife.  Having her back in his life brings an affirmation that neither of them can deny, but Fate can be a fickle bitch…she’s not ready to let them have their happily ever after yet…the question is, can Carson and Kathleen overcome the trials and tribulations barreling their way?
Audrey Carlan has never let me down…ever.  Her stories elicit a visceral response, conjuring images, emotions, and connections that stay with you for days afterwards.  The story of Kathleen and Carson is no different.  Ms. Carlan hooked me from the first paragraph, and pulled me with her through the entire book.  This book has it all, loss, fear, pain, redemption, reconnection, danger, action, adventure, and above all else…all-consuming love and devotion.  The plot and storyline were flawless, executed in such a way that kept you reading page after page.  I couldn’t get enough.  Ms. Carlan’s writing talent is unparalleled, and she has made me a lifetime fan!  The characters are real, relatable, quirky, fun, and so incredibly sexy!  They are sweet and loving, and oh so lovable!  The connection between them all is palpable, and will bring you to the highest heights and the lowest lows.  I am sad to see the Trinity series end, but can’t wait to see what Ms. Carlan brings us next!

Meet The Author

Audrey Carlan is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She writes wicked hot love stories that are designed to give the reader a romantic experience that’s sexy, sweet, and so hot your ereader might melt. Some of her works include the wildly successful Calendar Girl Serial, Falling Series, and the Trinity Trilogy.
She lives in the California Valley where she enjoys her two children and the love of her life. When she’s not writing, you can find her teaching yoga, sipping wine with her “soul sisters” or with her nose stuck in a wicked hot romance novel.

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***Cover Reveal*** The Honey Trap by Karli Perrin

Title – The Honey Trap

Genre – Contemporary Romance

Release date – 13th September 2017

Pre-order links – Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074LQG95B


After catching her childhood sweetheart cheating on her, Sophia Hamilton is hell-bent on stopping other women from getting played like she was.

And so the played becomes the player.

Fast forward two years and Sophia is now one of San Francisco’s most successful honey trappers. Getting paid to expose cheating men has become the norm but just when she thinks she has seen it all, she is offered a unique proposition which threatens to turn her entire world upside down.
Mason Hunter is a hotel tycoon, millionaire and cheater. Or is he? 

Sophia has six weeks to find out.

She quickly discovers that Mason isn’t the only one keeping secrets and she becomes caught up in a tangled web of lust, lies and misplaced loyalties.

Lines are crossed. Rules are broken. The real Mason Hunter is about to be exposed. 

The hunt is on.

Karli Perrin is a twenty something, English Language and Linguistics graduate from Manchester, England. She has always been a big lover of books and was inspired to write her debut novel in 2013. She is a huge believer of fate and is a sucker for a happy ending. Her ultimate goal in life is to live in a house made entirely out of books with her fiancé and two children.

…Hogwarts is plan B.
Author links –
Twitter – @karli_uk
Instagram – @karliperrinauthor

**Release Blitz & Blog Tour** Crown of Betrayal by Graceley Knox

Crown of Betrayal (A Wicked Kingdoms Novel Book 2) 

by Graceley Knox 

Release Date: 8th August

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance


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Now that the threat to Ever is imprisoned and gone for good, she can focus on what really matters: getting rid of the goblins living in her house as “protection” and getting back to work capturing rogue Fae for the Magical Enforcement and Containment Agency. Too bad fate doesn’t agree with her plans.

Ever’s mother is still missing, and Ever and her crew must find an ancient race long believed dead. As questions pile up and danger creeps closer, Ever can no longer deny the pull Dare has over her heart. And her body. As they forge a new bond, betrayal strikes, and it’s closer to home than either of them could have imagined.
Trouble stirs. Alliances fall. The only thing that binds them together is the trust they’ve put in each other and the emotions Ever refuses to name. Everything starts to crumble, and those Ever protects are no longer free from danger. Will she keep those she holds dear safe? Or will she be left to pick up the pieces?

Review by Tara

5 Stars

We are reunited with Ever, Dare and their gang of misfits.  Throw in some actions, suspense and some steamy moments and we have Crown of Betrayal.
“With one word, everything I’ve done for MECA, and for the leath cine, will be called into question. With one word, my world will tumble off the edge of a cliff and I’ll fall down. I’ll fall down, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to pick myself up after a fall like that.”
Thinking that nothing else can go wrong, Ever and her friends are brought into the Goblin Kingdom, where they are promised safety.  But being safe isn’t in Ever’s vocabulary, and she is again in danger, which angers everyone that cares about her.  Fighting their way through truths and a whole bunch of crazy, will Ever and Dare succeed in making life in their kingdoms peaceful?
“And just like that, the last wall protecting my heart from this goblin falls. My mind races and my chest constricts in fear, but Dare smiles again and the tension releases.”
Again, this book is amazing!  Graceley is massively talented!  Every word that she writes is full of energy and promise of greater things to come!  Crown of Betrayal is a perfect mix of good and evil, and leaves you wanting more!!  Ever and Dare are like day and night, but they work so perfectly together.  Introductions to some new characters, goes flawlessly, and they fit right into the story!  
“Repeal the declaration? Allow leath cine to live in the Light Elven Kingdom? Allow mixed marriages and cross breedings amongst the different kingdoms again? I refrain from fist pumping at the thought of hundreds of years of prejudice and persecution disappearing with one little scrap of paper.”

Meet The Author

Graceley Knox is an up and coming paranormal and fantasy romance author with a serious caffeine and book addiction. She prefers to listen to music while she writes and is a former New Englander living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. By day she works in the publishing industry, and by night, she plots out the many ideas cluttering her mind. When she’s not reading, writing, or hanging out with her large extended family you can find her on her various social media accounts.

Visit her here: www.facebook.com/GraceleyKnox


Mark of Truth (A Wicked Kingdoms Novel #1)

***Release Bltz*** The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas


The Forbidden

by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Publication Date: August 8th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

The Forbidden, an all-new story from Jodi Ellen Malpas is LIVE!!

Annie has never experienced the ‘spark’ with a guy-that instant chemistry that renders you weak in the knees. That is, until a night out brings her face to face with the dangerously sexy and mysterious Jack. It’s not just a spark that ignites between them. It’s an explosion. Jack promises to consume Annie, and he fully delivers on that promise.

Overwhelmed by the intensity of their one night together, Annie slips out of their hotel room. She is certain that a man who’s had such a powerful impact on her must be dangerous. She has no idea that he belongs to another. That he’s forbidden.


Read Today!

Add to GoodReads: https://goo.gl/1qjL9E

Review by Wendy

Jodi toyed with me like a cat toys with its prey, batting me back and forth, wearing me down until she tipped my moral compass on its head.
When I started reading I had no doubt in my mind which side of the argument I fell on, but that got totally blown apart with my need to see Annie and Jack happy.
We all know Jodi can write hot, alpha males that are off the Alpha Male Richter scale, but this was different.  Jack is clearly a jolly good looking chap, but it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind as I read The Forbidden, because the dilemma he finds himself in distracts from this.  My focus was on the internal battle both characters were having, actually it was the same internal battle I was having with myself over what they should do.  And the conclusion I came to was not the one I expected.
Every emotion possible passed through me during this book, there was passion, shame, shock, love, hope, loss.  I actually read chapter one twice, it made me feel so proud of Annie I was so invested in her already, which meant when the shit hit the fan I was with her 100%.
It has been an honour and a pleasure to meet Jodi over the years and to be trusted with an advanced copy of The Forbidden has been a huge honour, she simply is one of the loveliest people in the industry.
I expect you all to go into this book, thinking as i did and being slightly judgemental of the subject, but I guarantee, you will finish the book feeling completely different.

Review by Tara
Can you make your heart love a certain way?  Can you force it not to feel for someone you have no right loving?  What if that love and that person are forbidden?
“I’ve no doubt. It takes everything in me and more to take his hand and bring it to my mouth, and when my tongue slips free, I close my eyes and brace myself. I taste no salt. I taste him. And it might well be the most intoxicating taste I’ve ever experienced.”
Annie Ryan has lived her life by one rule…less men, more work. That all changes when she encounters a stranger at a bar, when her world collides with his in a big way.  Jack Joseph is unhappy with his life, so much he is losing himself and cannot find a way out. Meeting Annie opens up his eyes to world filled with love and happiness, but what they are doing is forbidden….will love conquer and allow these two to accept fate’s challenge?
“Only him and the return of feelings that I’ve fantasized about since that unforgettable night. All the guilt is abandoning me, and I let it, unprepared to let anything stop me from taking the forbidden.”
The Forbidden is a mind mixer, a heart breaker, and a book filled with suspense, romance and steamy rendezvouses. Jodi takes us into a taboo world and shows us how one time can affect the rest of your life. The connection between the MC’s is raw and real, pulling you in with every word that Jodi writes. Every page holds promise, and keeps you reading, even when you don’t think you can go on. The Forbidden is a hot book, and Jodi is a master of words. 
“This is my penance. For all of the wrong decisions I have made, for touching the forbidden, this is the ultimate punishment. I will never forgive myself.”

About Jodi:

Jodi Ellen Malpas wrote her debut series, The This Man Trilogy, in secret, worried about what people might think if they knew what her imagination was capable of. She was shocked herself. But she finally found the courage to unleash her creative streak and self-published THIS MAN – the first book of the This Man Trilogy – in October 2012. She took a chance on the story with a hero who soon became one of modern day fictions most prolific alpha male characters. Jesse Ward – also affectionately known as The Lord of The Manor, sparked incredible reactions from women across the globe and catapulted Jodi into the world of women’s fiction.

Jodi went on to self-publish the second book in the trilogy, Beneath This Man in Jan 2013, just before Grand Central Publishing, part of the Hachette Book Group, picked up the popular trilogy and the unknown Jodi. The third book of the trilogy, This Man Confessed, took Jodi to the top of the bestsellers lists, earning her the proud title of #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. This Man has since been voted one of the top romance novels of all time.

With so much love, enthusiasm and a thirst for her words from her readers, Jodi suddenly wasn’t afraid of her imagination anymore. She went on to write The One Night Trilogy with the delectable and mysterious Miller Hart, and stole the hearts of her readers once again. Her first stand-alone novel, THE PROTECTOR, released in September 2016 and has since been nominated for a Reviewers’ Choice Best Book Award. Jodi’s next stand-alone novel. THE FORBIDDEN, is set for release in August 2017.

All seven of her published novels have hit the New York Times best sellers list – as well as the Sunday Times list and various international best seller lists. Her work is now published in over 24 languages across the world.

Jodi was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, England, where she lives with her two boys and a beagle. She is a self-professed daydreamer, a mojito addict, is famous for her obsession with Converse, and has a terrible weak spot for Alpha Males. Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters has become her passion – a passion she now shares with her devoted readers


Connect with Jodi:

Movie News: bit.ly/JEM-Movies

**Blog Tour** More Than Desire by Rachel De Lune

Book: More Than Desire

Author: Rachel De Lune

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 7th August 2017



Escape, it was the reason James Riley flew to the other side of the world. His family believed he’d left for career progression—an opportunity he couldn’t pass up, and his lie was so good even he believed it. Australia was perfect for him. It helped him forget his one and only mistake. A relationship was the last thing on his mind because he was never going to fall for a woman again.

Ariana Scott thought she wanted a Dom. That choice cost her both blood and tears. A year later, she was still trying to put the pieces of her life back together. Her interest in the sexy British guy was too soon, too fast, and because of her job, off limits. But the lure of James Riley was a temptation she couldn’t shake off.

When a safe vanilla fling turns into a relationship, her career, her family, and her lifestyle threaten to tear her world apart. She’s fallen hard and is prepared to put everything on the line for James. He makes her question everything she thinks she knows about herself but there is only one answer when casual sex becomes more than desire.

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I’m fortunate to have my own office. Olivia and the rest of the team work in an open-plan space just beyond my door. I don’t shut my office door much, as I like working with people, and office banter amongst co-workers is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t interfere with productivity. However, my open door is being forced shut more and more, and the reason is Ria.
John’s desk sits directly in front of my office, so when she visits the team and works with John, I have a clear view of her. It’s like I’m spying on her—the profile of her face, the lines of her body—all there for my perusal. She’s driving me fucking crazy. And there is no sense in it. We’ve barely spoken a handful of times. I’ve met dozens of women since I’ve been in Australia, yet the only action my cock has seen is from my right hand while imagining bending Ariana over my fucking desk. It’s this girl that has sent my brain into overdrive and diverts the blood supply to my cock every time.
Whenever I see her, she is wearing green. She is a goddess, and I’m turning into a petulant child. Despite my earlier conversation with her, I’m still to see what she is working on. She spouts some marketing lingo during our meeting, and I go with it. Obviously, it’s my dick thinking and not my brain.
My mind is always elsewhere when she is around. I can’t concentrate. I’m too busy fantasising about her legs being wrapped around my waist or what lies underneath whatever shade of green she’s wearing that day.
A knock at my door breaks my daytime fantasy, and I bark my reply.
“I’m sorry, James, is this a good time?” Ria slips inside my office and lingers without shutting the door.
“What can I do for you?” I quash the visions of her that immediately invade my mind.
“I want to go over the plan I’ve been working up. You said you wanted to sign-off before anything concrete happens.” She pushes the door closed, and with the snick of the latch the room temperature soars.
“Alright.” I man up and take a breath. She sits in the seat opposite my desk as if she owns the room.
“So, Scott Brown and Partners has been losing ground to competitors, and I want to up our corporate visibility. We work with some of the biggest and best clients in Australia, but more often than not, we don’t see those news stories or deals in the press.”
“Many of the transactions we advise and negotiate aren’t ones our clients want plastered over social media, Ria.”
“I know that, but we can still capitalise on what we’re doing. I want to look at a charity event. Sponsors, press…”
“We do charity events,” I snip.
“But you don’t involve the clients. What Scott Brown has done so far is to try and show a charitable side to the company by putting on those events. That’s fine for brand profile, but I want to leverage the names of our clients as well.” She holds my gaze, and it does nothing to help my pulse. I don’t see the difference between what we do and what she is proposing, but at least I understand her words and my tongue is still in my mouth.
“So you propose?”
“A gala event where we align our clients without the obvious PR spiel.”
“And you really think a gala event is going to work?” I didn’t buy it.
“I know it will.” As she presents her pitch, I see her excitement. She’s animated and passionate, and it just makes her look even more damn appealing.
“So, what do you say?” she asks.
“Draft the proposals you’d send to the clients. John will look over them, and he can continue to advise on which ones would be suitable to target.” I see the smile on her face falter for just a second.
“Yes, John.” I try not to jump to the conclusion that perhaps she is looking forward to working with me. My dick is thinking for me and getting way ahead of itself.
I walk around the desk, and she quickly jumps toward the door. She gives me the perfect opportunity to check out her peachy arse, clad in another shade of green fabric.
“Do you ever wear a colour other than green?” I know I shouldn’t have said that. It is fucking insane, but every time I see her, it makes me want to strip her down to her ivory skin.
“Yes, umm, why?” she whispers, her back to the door with me closing in on her. It’s the first sign of any vulnerability I’ve seen from her, and I resist reaching out and grabbing her.
“Because you look…” I trail off, realising everything I want to say could get me slapped with a sexual harassment suit faster than I can get a flight back to London. Because you look fucking incredible. Because I can’t think when I see you wearing green. Because it makes me want to strip it off your body. Because I’m losing my fucking mind, and I need a break. “Because it suits you.” I watch as her green eyes darken and her breathing speeds up.
I affect her! Watching her eyes dilate just makes her harder to resist. I lean toward her and reach for the door.
We’re inches apart, the closest we’ve been, and the energy between us buzzes in the air. The insane attraction I’ve been fighting isn’t one-sided. All I have to do is tip my head, and my lips will brush against hers. I’d get to taste her—just one little taste.
I open the door and break the spell. Ariana escapes. I close the door and rest my head against the wood. I didn’t come here to fall for the first fucking girl I see. Fuck, I need to get laid and get rid of this stupid attraction.  

Meet The Author

Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven erotic romance. She began scribbling her stories in the pages of a notebook several years ago. Today she’s still scribbling stories of dominance and submission and creating Happily Ever Afters.

Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes, lingerie and chocolate, in-between being a mum and a wife. She would love to give up her day job to devote more time to her scribbles.  For every woman who’s ever desired more. www.racheldelune.com

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