**Blog Tour** Do You Do Extras and Pelvic Flaws by Nikki Ashton

Books: Do You Do Extras and Pelvic Flaws
Author: Nikki Ashton
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Humour
Do You Do Extras?
Take a normal girl, a Hollywood star, a mean foul-mouthed agent and a pink, glittery sex toy and you’ve got Do You Do Extras – but remember what happens on set stays on set.
Grantley James is Hollywood’s newest action hero. He’s got the looks, the body but can barely crack a smile.
Phoebe Drinkwater is an Extra on Grantley’s new film. She’s happy and fun loving but will never be as beautiful as her parents’ imaginary youngest daughter, Melania.
How will Hollywood’s newest sex symbol take it, when Phoebe literally bumps into him and tells him he has a fat head? Now’s your chance to find out.
At the centre of this beautiful romance are moments that will make you laugh out loud, and those which will pull at your emotions, but all in all you’ll get a stonking good read.
Pelvic Flaws
When one sneeze can ruin your day and it’s not just the hairs on your head that need a dye job, you know your life is changing!
I’m Katie Grainger, I’m 45 years old, a divorced mother of three, slightly annoying at times, but always loveable, kids and I can wet myself at the drop of hat. Actually, it’s more like a sneeze or a cough than a drop of a hat, but whatever the reason, let’s just say I am forever grateful for the invention of the ultra-thin panty pad.
I don’t have a bad life, there’s book club where I discuss the menopause with my friends, there’s Clubbercise where I wet myself and dance like my mother with my friend Mandy and there’s my work which is pretty boring, where I get to learn a lot about reality TV from my much younger co-workers. All of which makes me content – yes, I’d like more sex, but who wouldn’t when their castle hadn’t been breached for four years.
Do I have regrets in my life?
Yes, I do. I regret that my ex-husband, Carl, and I didn’t realise we’d grown apart sooner. I regret not trying more online dating when I first got divorced and I regret that my youngest, Charlie, feels torn between pleasing me and his dad. What I don’t regret is my bag breaking and spilling everything over the pizza place floor, the night Dex Michaels was in there ordering a 9inch meat feast.
Pelvic Flaws is the story of one woman’s struggle with hot sweats, mood swings and perilously poor pelvic floor muscles. It’s the story of Dex, who thinks all those things about Katie are funny and adorable. It’s the story of a romance that could turn into something big. It’s the story of what might be the love affair of the century, potentially being ruined by the baggage that neither of them knew existed.
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Meet The Author:
Nikki lives in Cheshire with her husband, two dogs and lovely mother-in-law who supplies her with endless cups of tea. She writes romance with a touch of humour and lots of love, and hopes that she puts a smile on her reader’s faces. Her ambitions of becoming a writer started at the age of 10 when she started writing poetry at school, and was given the honour of reading one of her poems to the rest of her year group (a truly embarrassing experience that she will never forget). Nikki is grateful for the wide variety of strange and wonderful people in her life, otherwise she’d never know what to write about! She is currently talking to family and friends, finding out their innermost secrets in readiness for her next book.
Although all Nikki’s books are stand alone stories characters do make ‘guest appearances’. So, the best order to read them is:
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Do You Do Extras?
Pelvic Flaws


I Wanna Get Laid by Kade (Complete standalone)


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***Release Tour*** Damon by Alex Wolf

Damon by Alex Wolf

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Available Now!

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I’m a guy with a wicked past and she’s the girl of my future.

…but she doesn’t know it yet.

Rumors run rampant in this small town. 

I’m spoken about in whispers, but I hear their words. 

I was happy to stay hidden until the new girl arrived.

I’m enchanted by her beauty and drawn to her laugh.

She’s too good for me, but that doesn’t keep me away.

Can I break free of my past or will my demons ruin everything? 

Meet The Author

Alex hails from the Midwest and currently resides in New Orleans.

He enjoys writing steamy romance but more importantly he enjoys the “research” required to produce the steamy scenes. If you like filthy-mouthed, possessive alpha heroes and steamy romance, then he’s the author for you!


**Release Day Blitz** Promise You by Fabiola Francisco

Book: Promise You
Author: Fabiola Francisco
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
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I’ve had my eyes set on her for months. The gorgeous brunette captured my attention when I first saw her and stole my heart when I met her.
Making it in the music industry has taken its toll on me, chipping away at my confidence and patience. The one thing that keeps me going is having Reese by my side. I’m determined to show her how good we can be together, even if she continues to pretend there’s nothing between us.
One night changes everything, giving me the only thing I’d want more than a career in country music—her.

“You look beautiful.”
“Thanks. You don’t look too bad yourself,” she winks and orders a martini. “Do you want a beer?” She turns to look my way while the bartender waits.
“I’m going with whiskey tonight.” Reese raises her eyebrows, and I chuckle. “Need something stronger than beer if I’m going to be standing next to you in that dress all night, darlin’.” The bartender bites down her smile, watching our exchange before making our drinks.
“Dex,” she warns.
“Yeah, I know.” I raise my arms, palms facing her. “Just friends.”
“Yeah,” she sighs and grabs her martini. Once I have my drink, Reese links her arm with mine, and we make rounds. “Isn’t this amazing? One day you’ll have an event like this, I just know it.” Her encouragement is welcomed at a time like this when I feel like I may never get to this point in my career.
“Yeah, maybe.” I don’t miss the defeat in my voice.
“Hey,” she stops walking, pulling me to her by the arm she’s holding. “You’re really good. One of the best I’ve heard in a long time, and I don’t just say that because you’re one of my best friends. I mean it. I’ve been surrounded in this industry since my brother was playing in Riot, just like you. I know how hard it is, I’ve met musicians in the past. Your voice is unique.”
“Thanks, Reese.” I lift a shoulder, wanting to drop the subject in a public place.
“I mean it, Dex.” I nod in silence and look away, pretending to take in the atmosphere.
The live music starts, singers congratulating Rebel Desire as they perform a couple of songs. The fans go wild for all the talent spending their evening with us.
“Dance with me,” I grab Reese’s empty glass and place it on the bar. Everyone else around us is dancing to the music, so there’s no excuse that people will talk or get the wrong idea.
Just when I think she’s going to refuse, she puts her arm around me and begins to sway to the soft music. For a minute, all is right in the world. The worries of making it in this industry, the envy of not having the success others do, it all fades away the second Reese wraps her arms around me and moves to the beat.
I may have fucked around a lot in my life, but after meeting Reese and spending time with her, I’m sure I’d never want anyone else but her. If only I can make her see how good we’d be together.
I remember the first time I saw her, weeks before I actually met her. She was at Riot, laughing and drinking with friends. Her laugh reached me through the crowd, drawing my attention to her. Her confidence danced to the rhythm of the song I was performing. After that, she’d come in on her own some nights, and I’d watch her while I sang songs she could’ve inspired.

Women like Reese, hell, there are no other women like Reese. She’s in a league of her own—gorgeous, funny, and independent.

Author Bio

Fabiola Francisco is a contemporary romance author from South Florida. Writing as been a part of her life since she was a teenager. Even at that age, she dreamed of happy endings with emotional twists. Her novels include Perfectly Imperfect, The Restoring Series, Sweet on You Duet, and Red Lights, Black Hearts.  
Her passion for books and writing has inspired her to write her own stories. She writes novels readers could relate to and grow with. She’s currently working on writing more stories that connect with readers on a deeper.
Fabiola also loves expressing herself through art and spending time in nature. In her spare time, she loves to cuddle with a good book and a glass of wine.

“We took our time getting here, did things a little backwards, but I’ve never been more happy in my life.”
Oh my word! This book had my heart doing all kinds of things! Fabiola is so good at creating a story so filled with love and fuzzy feelings.
“I want to believe his whisper, so when he pulls me into him, I let him. When he kisses my forehead, I don’t pull away. When he repeats his promise, I allow myself to believe it.”
Reese has lived a life around rockstars. A life filled with fantasies and empty promises. When she hears Dex for the first time, she cannot help but deny herself the one thing she craves…an honest and true connection with someone. Dex can see the hurt in Reese’s eyes, and he is determined to give the girl of his dreams the life she deserves.
“Ready for this step with him, I allow him to sweep me away into a life I had decided years ago I would never want. A life I had rejected. He proved to me I deserve to be someone’s priority. More importantly, he showed me what it feels like to be wanted.”
I absolutely love Fabiola’s books. Each word is so full of emotion and each page paints beautiful pictures of love. I love how all of her characters merge together to create each book. Promise You doesn’t disappoint! Every line holds your heart and the characters capture your attention with each word they speak!