Found (The Scions 2) by Gemma Weir

Book: Found (The Scions 2)

Author: Gemma Weir

Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance

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A throwaway & a Princess.Both of us are messed up, both of us pretending.

I’ve played with her, manipulated and bullied her, right up until the moment I realised how much I wanted her.

When I was planning to beg for forgiveness, someone else was planning her demise.

Her crown might have slipped but no one will ever be able to take it away, she’s a Princess, my Princess to the very core.

I’ve spent every moment of the last few years counting down for my freedom, now I want to be caught and bound to her.

Archer’s Creek was where I was forced to come; now it’s the only place I’ve ever wanted to stay.

Can she forgive me or has my past left me beyond redemption.

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Meet the Author

Gemma Weir is a half crazed stay at home mom to three kids, one man child and a hell hound. She has lived in the midlands, in the UK her whole life and has wanted to write a book since she was a child. Gemma has a ridiculously dirty mind and loves her book boyfriends to be big, tattooed alpha males. She’s a reader first and foremost and she loves her romance to come with a happy ending and lots of sexy sex.
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**Release Blitz** Write You a Love Song by Fabiola Francisco

Book: Write You a Love Song
The Love In Everton Series

Author Fabiola Francisco


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What’s a girl to do after burning all of her no-good, cheating boyfriend’s belongings? Throw a dart at a map and start over in a new town.
I may be new to the small town of Everton, but I’m well aware that I now share a zip code with a celebrity. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know, Knox Bentley, one of country music’s biggest stars. 
When Knox wanders into my bar— careful brown eyes and broody attitude—I can’t tear my gaze away. A cheating scandal fresh on his heels is just one reason I should stay far, far away, but the closer we get, the more I realize he’s not at all what I imagined.
But being a famous musician comes with unwanted attention…the kind that tears people apart, and now it’s becoming too painful to stay by his side.
They say love is a choice, but so is leaving… 

Meet the Author

Fabiola Francisco is a contemporary romance author from South Florida. Writing as been a part of her life since she was a teenager. Even at that age, she dreamed of happy endings with emotional twists. Her novels include Perfectly Imperfect, The Restoring Series, Sweet on You Duet, and Red Lights, Black Hearts.  
Her passion for books and writing has inspired her to write her own stories. She writes novels readers could relate to and grow with. She’s currently working on writing more stories that connect with readers on a deeper.
Fabiola also loves expressing herself through art and spending time in nature. In her spare time, she loves to cuddle with a good book and a glass of wine.



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***Release Blitz*** Flame by Chelle Bliss

Flame (Men of Inked: Heatwave #1) 

by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

Flame is book one in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series. 

Men of Inked: Heatwave features steamy romance, hot alphas, and strong heroines    

(**City & Suzy’s Daughter**)

Genre: Contemporary Romance /Romantic Suspense




Could you love a man surrounded by danger?
Gigi Gallo’s childhood was filled with the roar of a motorcycle and the hum of a tattoo gun. Fresh out of college, she’s about to start working at her family’s tattoo studio — Inked. But when she shows up the first day, she never expects to run into someone tall, dark, and totally sexy from her not-so-innocent past.
Pike Moore is a bossy biker with a cocky attitude and an even bigger ego. He came to Inked to start over. New town. New job. New roots. None of that included coming face-to-face with the hot chick who spent a week in his bed before she vanished without a trace.
But when Pike’s dark family history catches up with him, can he stop Gigi from being caught in the crossfire?
Flame is book one in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. The Men of Inked: Heatwave series features steamy romance, hot heroes, and strong women.

Review by Tara
Hot damn! This book has it all! From hot connections, to bad-ass characters, to suspense and cliff hangers, Flame is definitely a hot read!
“I’m going to prove them all wrong. I can be wild. I can be reckless. I know how to have fun, and I can most certainly talk to a hot, badass biker guy without turning into a mumbling idiot.”
Gigi has the best family ever! The one thing the Gallos know how to do is love and protect those in their family. But Gigi wants to experience life by her own rules, so a spring break trip is just what she needs. Pike has always lived by his own rules, and likes it when there are no strings attached. But when he meets carefree Gigi, he starts thinking about new possibilities. That is, until the Gallo family enter the picture. Secrets are revealed, and the Gallo family bond is put to the rest when Pike’s past finally finds him.
“I figured a clean break, no goodbye, no last kiss, and no more questions was the best way to end things with him. It was a coward move, but I’d never done anything like that in my life.”
Gigi is an unpredictable, hilarious main character! So witty, foul-mouthed and hilarious, she adds a new level of entertainment to the Gallo family. Pike is the only one who can handle her drama, and his laid-back, bad boy persona adds the right amount of heat to Flame. Chelle brings back some well loved characters, and introduces us to some new ones, making Flame quite the read!
“Who wants to be running for their life? Not me. Who wants to hide out because there might be a bullet with their name on it? Again, not me.”
Meet The Author

USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss currently lives in a small town near the Gulf of Mexico. She’s a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and coffee fiend. She’s written over ten books and has two series available. She loves spending her free time with her boyfriend, 2 cats, and her hamster.

Before becoming a writer, Chelle taught high school history for over ten years. She holds a master’s degree in Instructional Technology and a bachelor’s in History. Although history is her first love, writing has become her dream job and she can’t imagine doing anything else.



**Release Tour** Cherry Beats by Vicki James

Cherry Beats 
A rockstar romance 
by Vicki James



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Bon Jovi.

Bryan Adams.

Presley West.

My favourite men of music.

Only one of them within reach.

The night before Presley West was due to leave our small town of Hollings Hill, all of my high school fantasies came to life. He finally wanted me. Eight years I’d spent pining, and now I, bar-tending Tessa Lisbon, was going to make damn sure I made that night count before the music industry stole him. 

Never screw your idols. That’s what they say, right? Well, I did, and I did it well. So well, I somehow managed to screw my own heart in the process. 

He gave me one night to convince him to stay. In the end, I begged him to go. 


But that’s the thing about rock stars: they do what they want, when they want, and forever didn’t end up being as long as I expected.

Presley was back, and with his face, voice, and music now everywhere I turned, I officially had nowhere left to run.

Tara’s 5***** review

“Respect. Admiration. Desire. I had no idea boys like him existed before then. Or that I’d spend the next eight years wishing he could be mine.”
Have you ever dreamed of being with your one and only crush? Imagined having them in front of you, touching them, breathing them in? What if you couldn’t keep that dream? Would you be able to return to your everyday life?
“One look at him would strike me in the heart like a toxic arrow, and all the words we’d whispered, the places he’d touched, the moans he’d made me moan, and the cries he’d turned into screams… they haunted me. His eyes haunted me. His smirk haunted me.”
Tessa is…well, herself. She doesn’t conform to society and its beliefs. She rolls with what she feels and pays no attention to the drama around her. That is until Presley comes around. Looking all “rock god hot”, Presley wants the dream. The status and the life that goes with being a rockstar. When these two finally realize that they have more than a spark, dreams are fulfilled and crushed all at once, destinies are made and realized, and love is tested at every turn.
“I let him taste my regrets and savour my return. I lost a part of me on that stage I didn’t ever want back. I wanted him to hold it in his heart and take care of it because I didn’t trust myself with any of me anymore. I only trusted him.”
Works of art belong in a museum, Vicki’s thoughts belong in books. Each word she writes in Cherry Beats is like a beautiful song, grabbing your attention, and holding you tight. Her knowledge and love for music really shines in Cherry Beats. When Vicki’s use of music referrals and her love story expertise mix together, she creates the most amazing story.

Meet Vicki James

Vicki James is a pseudonym for Victoria L. James, taking her stories from heavy angst to heavy romance and bad boys you can’t help but fall in love with. She is, however, one and the same person so feel free to follow her on any of her platforms, be it Vicki James or Victoria L. James. Most importantly, enjoy the stories she tells, no matter what name she releases under.

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Insta: @Victoria_LJames


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**Cover Reveal** Hot Daddy Sauce by Angel Devlin and Tracy Lorraine

Hot Daddy Sauce (Hot Daddy Series)
Angel Devlin and Tracy Lorraine
Hot Daddy Sauce will be **LIVE** on the 17th October!!
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It’s getting hot around here! Chilli hot!
My next door neighbour, Jenson, is a chef and a successful businessman. He’s also a single daddy to the cutest six-year-old girl.
I’m only here as long as it takes to get my parents old house ready for sale. Then it’s time for me to make a fresh start, away from the tragic events of late.
Trouble is, now I’ve had a taste of this hot daddy’s sauce, I want more…
When I see Leah in the garden next door, at first I think she’s barely out of school. But she soon reveals she’s all woman.
My daughter loves her and it’s not long before my own feelings are heading the same way.
Are we a mouth-watering combination or a recipe for disaster?
Pre-order **NOW**
Meet the Authors
Angel Devlin is the alter-ego of paranormal, rom com, and suspense writer, Andie M. Long. Check out Angel for stories of heart and heat.
She lives in Sheffield with her partner, son, and a gorgeous whippet called Bella.
Facebook page:
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Tracy Lorraine is a British contemporary romance author. Tracy lives in a cute Cotswold village with her husband, daughter and lovable but slightly crazy dog. Having always been a bookaholic with her head stuck in her Kindle Tracy decided to try her hand at a story idea she dreamt up and hasn’t looked back since.

***Blog Tour*** Mafia Vows Duet by SR Jones

The Contract (Mafia Vows prequel)
The Debt (Mafia Vows #1)
The Promise (Mafia Vows #2)
by SR Jones
#MafiaVows #SRJones #ThePromise #TheDebt
#BareNakedWords #DarkRomance #BlogTour
***Please note this is a romantic suspense with dark themes and as such trigger warnings apply***
Genre: Dark Romance
The Contract: A Mafia Vows series prequel
In my world, family and honor are everything.
In my world, women are powerless.
In my world, men call all the shots. My uncle is a mafia king, and my father wants the same power. I am a pawn in their games – to be used and traded. Two weeks ago, I was promised in marriage to a man I barely knew.
Two days ago, I discovered that man liked to torture women for fun.
Two hours ago, I begged my mother to stop the marriage.
Two minutes ago, I found myself promised to another man… to my uncle’s terrifying enforcer.

The only way to avoid marriage to a madman is by becoming the bride of a murderer.
He’s six-feet-five of sheer muscle and power, and he scares me as much as he excites me.
Ruthless, merciless, and without fear, his cruel smirk tells me he is going to enjoy having me at his mercy.

He might own me, but I’m not giving in without a fight.

**Please note this book contains adult and dark themes and suspense, so please be aware that trigger warnings do apply!**


The Debt: Mafia Vows Book One:
In my world, power is taken not given.

In my world, women are a pastime and nothing more.
In my world, emotions are dangerous and need to be locked down.

Maya was born into this, but she doesn’t understand it. It makes her vulnerable, and now she’s been promised to a man I wouldn’t let my worst enemy marry. She needs help – my help.

I step in and take her as my bride in order to save her skin.
Our marriage might be fake, but our passion is real.
My ring on her finger is the tie that binds us.

Maya thinks she can walk away once the danger has passed. She believes our passion is fleeting. She hopes I will simply let her go.
She’s wrong.
On. Every. Single. Count.

We’re playing a dangerous game. One where the lines are so blurred, we can’t see them.
I’m going to take her and make her mine, and in this game, she’ll play by my rules.
But someone wants Maya out of the game completely, and our world is about to implode.

***Please note this is a romantic suspense with dark themes and as such trigger warnings apply.

The Promise: Mafia Vows Book Two
In my world, you trust no one. 
In my world, family can be the worst enemy of all. 
In my world, no one hurts what is mine. 
I made a promise: to keep Maya safe at all costs. Now someone has taken her, and she is facing true horror. I will burn this world to the ground in order to save her. Then once I have her home, I will never let her go again. 
He says he wants me to be his, but he won’t tell me he loves me. Ownership, control, these are what he trades in, but I need more. Making something real from how we began won’t be easy, but we can build something beautiful from brutality. We can find our own truth amongst the lies. Trouble is, we both need to believe in us to make this work, and I’m not sure he does. 
This is the final part of the Mafia Vows duet. This is a romantic suspense with dark themes. Please be aware that this contains triggers, plus loss and grief.
Reading order of the series is:
The contract. A Mafia Vows prequel
The Debt: Mafia Vows One
The Promise: Mafia Vows Two.
Meet The Author

Hi guys. I’m a romance author from Northern England. I write Paranormal romance as Skye Jones and HOT and dangerous contemporary romance as S.R. Jones.

The one thing my books have in common are seriously alpha heroes, who are bad, damaged, but oh-so-reedembale!
I love Starbuck’s Mochas, chocolate, my husband, and my dogs, not necessarily in that order! If you want to join my readers group where I have regular giveaways, book talk about all the romance we’re loving on, and hot guys, then come along and say hi: Addicted 2 Alphas

You can also follow me on instagram here, but I can’t promise not to post lots of pics of my puppies! Skye Jones (@skyejwords) • Instagram photos and videos

**Release Day Blitz** Animal Magnetism by Toya Richardson

Book: Animal Magnetism
Series: The Protectors (Book 2)
Author: Toya Richardson
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Solange Arlington is coming to terms with many things in her life. Her Elemental powers she can handle. But there’s something which scares her… she’s the fated mate of a bear shifter. The pull and intensity of the feelings she experiences around him terrify her. Will she ever accept the fact they will be together for eternity?
Evan never thought the day would come when he’d finally discover his mate. It’s something every shifter desires more than anything else in their life. A partner to love. To cherish. To protect. When he does find her, he’s unprepared for how difficult the relationship would be.
When Solange runs away from the Protector’s community, she doesn’t realise how much danger she puts her mate and herself in. Evan is captured whilst trying to save her. Can she reach him in time before he’s killed?
Tara’s Review
“A fire raged in his gut at the thought of anyone hurting her. He prayed they got to her in time. With her powers linked to her emotions, and her lack of control over them, she’d be easy for the Trackers to detect.”
Before you open this book, please read Toya’s first book in this series, Wild Desires. It will help you understand the Super Nat community and you will meet an array of characters needed to create this unique story.
“But what concerned him the most was that she’d shut her mind off to him. Whatever she was thinking, she definitely didn’t want him to know about. This did little to allay his fears that something was going to happen to them, no matter how much they tried to prevent it.”
Solange has always been an independent woman. Taking care of herself and her brother. After arriving at the SuperNat community, Solange realizes there are others like her, and allows herself to open up a bit. After meeting each other, Solange and Evan cannot help the pull between the two of them. When Solange realizes that Evan is anything but the big soft teddy bear he seems to be, her walls come down, and lust, trust and passion bring these two powerful people together. Can their combined forces beat the evil that is lurking beyond their community?
“She wouldn’t feel safe either until they were deep in the heart of the forest. Their community was the one place where no one could reach them. There, she’d said it. Home, and that was what it was. A home she shared with the man she loved.”
Toya did a great job following book 1 in this series, with Animal Magnetism. The characters from each book fit together so well, making the two stories flow effortlessly. More evil arrives in Animal Magnetism, and it will having you cheer on the SuperNats as they band together to protect their own.
“Whatever happened, she would be the one to kill the woman who’d caused her mate so much torment.”
Meet the Author
Writing has been my passion since a very early age. Sadly, it wasn’t until the death of my mum, who was also my best friend, in 2009 that I started to take it seriously. My mum’s wish was to see me published, which didn’t occur until 2014. And now, each book written by me is dedicated to her.
My main genre is romance, with books published in contemporary and paranormal romance. I also have the first of a trilogy published in YA Fantasy, there is an element of romance in this series, although the focus is predominantly the heroine’s quest.
When not writing, or reading my main hobbies are; cinema, theatre, gardening, keeping fit, Formula One racing, darts and spending time with friends.
Book 1: Wild Desire
Mila Stubbs is starting her dream job as a forest ranger. The downside, it’s close to where she grew up. After years of bullying at the hands of Drake Scott, and the death of her parents, she fled to the city. Now she’s back and has put her life in danger by doing so. She has no idea of the power which lies dormant inside her.
Elias Crane has been waiting his whole life for ‘The One’. A chance meeting with Mila in the forest changes his life forever. Even though he realises she has no idea what is going on deep undercover of the trees, and the untold connection between them, the powerful pull to her drives him to the edge of insanity.
As they become close, the danger for Mila escalates. Drake Scott and his father have plans for her. They want her for breeding purposes. And when she’s taken captive, Elias must reach her before it’s too late.

**Release Blog Tour** Silent as a Stone by KM Scott

Silent as a Stone
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author K.M. Scott
(part of her Heart of Stone Series)
Release: 5th September
Genre: Contemporary Romance
#SilentasaStone #KMScott #RomanceReaders #BookRelease
#BareNakedWords #BlogTour
The next generation of the Heart of Stone series continues with Silent As A Stone, Diana and Cole’s standalone story!
Innocent. Sweet. Diana Stone, the last of Tristan and Nina’s triplets, struggled from the day she was born. Never as confident as her brother or as strong as her sister, she was the brainy Stone child with her eye on one day sitting on the highest court in the land.
Until a horrible accident left her broken and trapped by her fears.
Cole Knight has known Diana for what seems like forever. Her brother’s best friend, he’s been told by Ethan that Diana is off limits since junior high. But he’s been drawn to that forbidden fruit for years.
Once, Diana gave him her heart at a time when he needed it the most. Now, as he looks at her as a man and not a boy anymore, can he give her what she needs most so they can find happiness forever this time?
Meet the Author
K.M. Scott writes contemporary romance stories of sexy, intense, and unforgettable love. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she’s been in love with romance since reading her first romance novel in junior high (she was a very curious girl!). Under her Gabrielle Bisset name, she writes erotic paranormal and historical romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with a herd of animals and when she’s not writing can be found reading or feeding her TV addiction.

3-book Promo Tour: Gabriel, A Deadly Sin and Harlot by Tracie Podger

Three standalone suspense/thrillers by Tracie Podger

All **LIVE** now



There are some f**ked up people in the world, unfortunately, the worst kind ended up destroying my life.
My wife had been murdered and I made it my mission to find out why and by whom.
But when the ‘why’ and the ‘whom’ invaded my small town, my house, my life, and turned it upside down, it brought more death and devastation.
When you don’t know your enemy it’s hard to know who to trust. I had the greatest religion on earth on one side and a mad man on the other. I was stuck in the middle.
My name is Gabriel. I had a perfect life, a perfect wife, and now I am fighting for justice.
A dark, epic thriller for readers over the age of 18. 
Available Free with Kindle Unlimited
A Deadly Sin

There are seven deadly sins, so they say.
Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, and Greed.
We are guilty of them all.
But what happens when someone decides to become judge, jury, and executioner of those
that commit these sins?
Detective Mich Curtis is thrown back into a world he thought he’d managed to struggle out of.
It started as a simple murder case to solve – it became a fight to survive.
Seven sins, seven murders – who will be the last man standing?
The executioner or the only person fucked up enough to get inside his mind?
Suspense/thriller for readers over the age of 18
Available Free with Kindle Unlimited!
Charlotte Kenny is nineteen years old and a prostitute.
Not by choice, though.
When a client is murdered, Charlotte is thrown into a world she believes should be
between the pages of a novel.
Beau Mercier is an ass with a dark past.
When Charlotte ends up on his doorstep, he knows trouble will follow.
Two people, who neither trust nor like each other, are forced together in a town where all is
not as it seems.
Can Charlotte escape her trouble? Can Beau open up enough to help her?
Both want to, but secret pasts, murder, and intrigue, get in the way.
Harlot accompanies the thrillers, Gabriel and A Deadly Sin, and can be read as a standalone.


For readers over the age of 18.
Available Free with Kindle Unlimited
Meet the Author
Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. Shes a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.
Tracie likes to write in different genres. Her Fallen Angel series and its accompanying books are mafia romance and full of suspense. A Virtual Affair, Letters to Lincoln and Jackson are angsty, contemporary romance, and Gabriel, A Deadly Sin and Harlot are thriller/suspense. The Facilitator is erotic romance.
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**Release Blog Tour** Revenge (The Red Ledger 3) by Meredith Wild


Revenge: The Red Ledger Series (Vol 3)
by Meredith Wild 
Release Date: 3rd September

Genre: Suspense/thriller

The Red Ledger, a binge-worthy suspense/thriller series with Wild’s
signature erotic twist

Thrilling, suspenseful and heart-stopping!” ~NYT Bestseller Alessandra Torre

A seamlessly woven story of renewed love, faith restored, and redefining oneself without a past for perspective.” ~Angel Payne, USA Today Bestselling Author

The Red Ledger Series reading orderAdd to Goodreads:

#Revenge #meredithwild #waterhousepress #NewRelease #BareNakedWords


This could be our last chance…

Time is running out to right this wrong. With Tristan gone, everything is out of place. My family is fractured. My freedom is in question. Our future has never been more perilous. The only way back together is to find the man who’s set us on this path. The mastermind. The heartless architect of a plan so elaborate and diabolical, even Tristan couldn’t look the other way.
We’ve come too far to turn back now. We’ve lost too much to give up this fight.

But in our quest for justice, Tristan’s heart seems set on revenge. When it comes to a mission, he’s always focused. Always ready. This is different. His thirst for Simon’s demise threatens to cloud the instincts that have kept us alive all this time. And this could be our last chance…

Get Your Copy of the Third and Final Book in the Series!


Not met Tristan & Isabel yet?

 Volume One is Available FREE for a limited time only:

Reborn: The Red Ledger (books 1-3 bundle) 
Amazon Print:
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Meet The Author
Meredith Wild is a #1 New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling author. After publishing her debut novel Hardwired in September 2013, Wild used her ten years of experience as a tech entrepreneur to push the boundaries of her “self-published” status, becoming stocked in brick-and-mortar bookstore chains nationwide and forging relationships with the major retailers.
In 2014, Wild founded her own imprint, Waterhouse Press, under which she hit No. 1 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers lists. She has been featured on CBS This Morning, The Today Show, the New York TimesThe Hollywood ReporterPublishers Weekly, and The Examiner. Her foreign rights have been sold in over 20 languages.
Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband and three children, she refers to herself as a techie, whiskey appreciator, and shameless sun worshipper. Find out more about what projects she’s working on next at
Social Media Links