**Release Day** Hidden (The Scions 1) by Gemma Weir

Books: Hidden (The Scions 1)

Author: Gemma Weir

Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance

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Hidden  – The Scions #1
I’m the Princess of the Doomsday Sinners MC.
The most popular girl in school.
My name is Nova Stubbs and all of those words have been used to describe me, they define me. Or at least that’s what people think.
No-one except my family ever bothered to look past the mask I wear, the role I play. Because this is what they want me to be, who they expect.
If they looked a little deeper they’d see the crumbling mess I am.
I care too much and hate who I pretend to be. My mind is too loud and it consumes me. Staying hidden is the only way I survive.
Then Valentine Miller steps into my world.
He hates me. He manipulates me and controls me. But when I’m with him he makes the world quiet.
Love. Hate. Need. Want. I feel them all when he touches me.
Valentine wants to ruin me and I might let him.
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Tara’s 5***** Review
Book 1 of the Scion Series
By Gemma Weir
“I’m nothing but a mean, pretty shell. This is who I tell them I am, the person I allow them to see. It’s who I have to be, because I can never let them see inside, never let them see the real me.”
Nova is the girl that every girl wants to be and every guy wants to date. But under that mask, there is a girl, scared to show everyone who she really is. Valentine has lead a life filled with wealth. One tragic moment takes that all away, and the posh life he has always known is ripped away from him. Separately, Nova and Valentine struggle in their day to day lives, but together, the chaos vanishes, even if for a moment. Can these two show the people around them who they really are?
“Do they know I’m a freak? 
Can they see I’m about to cry? 
Do they care? 
Do they not care? 
Do they hate me? 
Will they judge me? 
Should I run? 
Should I hide?”
Living with anxiety is hard. I deal with it 24/7. Reading about Nova’s struggles through Gemma’s words, made my heart burst. It is so refreshing to read about such an important topic, and have its ugly truths brought to light. The struggle of anxiety is a real and terrifying thing, and by Gemma discussing it in Hidden, helps show us that is ok to talk about it…that we need to talk about it.
“He sees what I allow everyone to see and he thinks he knows me. He thinks I’m shallow and vapid and mean. I’d rather him believe the lie than actually see what’s beneath the act.”
I loved catching up with the Sinners, as well as meeting their kids. All of the characters Gemma creates are so unique, each of them adding their own flare to each story that Gemma writes. Hidden made me smile but it also made me cry, some sad tears, but definitely some happy tears too. I highly recommend Hidden. It’s real, raw and oh so good!!
“Something about him silences my mind. Maybe it’s because I’m so consumed with hate for him, I don’t know. But the quiet, the silence, is so wonderful, that maybe, just maybe, I don’t mind his torture.”

Meet the Author

Gemma Weir is a half crazed stay at home mom to three kids, one man child and a hell hound. She has lived in the midlands, in the UK her whole life and has wanted to write a book since she was a child. Gemma has a ridiculously dirty mind and loves her book boyfriends to be big, tattooed alpha males. She’s a reader first and foremost and she loves her romance to come with a happy ending and lots of sexy sex.
Her social media links are:

**Cover Reveal and pre-order** Tabloid Princess by Anna Bloom

Tabloid Princess by Anna Bloom
Release: 10th October

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GENRE: New Adult / Contemporary Romance
Opposites attract
Against the odds
Royal romance
Millionaire romance
#TabloidPrincess #CoverReveal #AnnaBloom #RoyalRomance
#BareNakedWords #RomanceReaders #Books
I didn’t believe in fairy tales… until I went and fell for a prince.
I never had a storybook childhood.
Now? Dating… men… romance? No thanks. I’d rather stay in my tower of solitude.
Trust didn’t come easily. At times I felt invisible, until my path crossed with the heir to the throne. He was nothing at all like I expected, far from the bad boy images painted by the tabloids and even further from the rich elites I so despised.
Suddenly, I was feeling things I thought only existed in movies. The stuff that dreams were made of.
But one passing moment could change all that. It could bring the press to my door, uncovering my secrets.
What would he be willing to do to protect me?
Could a prince choose me, a nobody, over the people of his country?
Or would the threat of the Tabloid Princess bring us all down once and for all?
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Meet the Author

A book hoarder and coffee addict by heart Anna Bloom loves to write extraordinary stories about real love. Based south of London with her husband, three children and a dog with a beard, Anna likes to connect with readers, fan girl over her favourite authors and binge watch Supernatural while drinking lots of wine.