***Release Blitz*** Ravenous by K.M. Scott


Ravenous by K.M. Scott

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary Romance

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Ravenous is book 1 in a duet, book 2 Ambitious being released 3rd August

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Cash March has everything going for him. With stunning good looks and a sharp mind, he’s set to graduate from law school in just a few months. His future looks bright.

The son of Cassian and Olivia will be the first lawyer in the family. Talk about proud.

Except Cash is hiding something, and if that secret is found out, he may lose everything, including his future.

Savannah Gardener knows far too much about loss. A widow before her twenty-seventh birthday, she longs for the life she thought was hers before fate shattered her dreams.

She has everything a woman could want, except love. All her money can’t buy that. Maybe it can help her find something to make her smile with a sexy man who’s looking for happiness too, though.

But will Cash’s secrets ruin any chance for them when the truth is finally revealed?


Review by Tara
“Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you everything else, and then you can deal with love.”
When Cash decides that law school isn’t for him, he sets off and starts a new business with a buddy. Setting up women with eligible dates is in hot demand, but when your family is expecting a graduation from law school, Cash has a lot of guilt. Meeting Savannah for a job is the best part of Cash’s job, but the connection they have is incredible. Suffering a tragic loss, Savannah has been told to move on, to get over it. But mending her broken heart isn’t easy, until she meets Cash. Can Savannah move on and find love? Can Cash come clean with his friends and family about his new business venture?
“After two years of being alone, I’ve begun to doubt I’ll get to be happy like I was then a second time in this life. Maybe all the happiness I was supposed to have already happened.”
K. M. introduces us to more of the March family in Ravenous. This time, we get to see inside Alex and Cash’s side of the family. Getting to see their dynamics is interesting. Throw in Savannah’s not so loving family, and our two main characters have a lot of hurdles to jump over.
“So many lies. I can’t wait until the truth all comes out. No matter how disappointed everyone will be, at least this burden will be off my shoulders and I can breathe a sigh of relief finally.”

Ambitious #2 – releases 3rd August


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Meet the Author

K.M. Scott writes contemporary romance stories of sexy, intense, and unforgettable love. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she’s been in love with romance since reading her first romance novel in junior high (she was a very curious girl!). Under her Gabrielle Bisset name, she writes erotic paranormal and historical romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with a herd of animals and when she’s not writing can be found reading or feeding her TV addiction.

Website: https://kmscottbooks.com

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/kmscottauthor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kmscottauthor/


**Release Blitz** Before Us There Was Him by Lou Stock

Before Us There Was Him


Lou Stock

Standalone Contemporary Romance

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Ten years ago, Lucas Benson fell into my life.
We lived like nomads together for years, traveling the country, never looking behind us, living for nothing but each day and each other.
But then everything fell apart… especially my heart.
Five years later and my wanderlust years were behind me. New York was now my home.
I had everything, including a new man and a plan.
At least I that’s what I thought… until Lucas walked back into my life and stole my breath away with one cocky smile.

A smile that could change everything…


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Review by Tara

“If this was what he could do with just a kiss, I would regret going any further with him. One touch, one taste, and he was already under my skin. If I allowed him inside, I would never be able to let him go.”
LJ took my heart on a rollercoaster ride with Before Us….There Was Him. Each page was filled with ups, downs, twists and turns.
“My head was at odds with my heart, knowing that this day with him could lead to a decision that would change the rest of my life. One day that didn’t seem like enough. “
After Riley lost her family, she never felt at home. On a girls trip, Lucas catches her eye and her heart. Deciding to take a risk, Riley joins Lucas on a cross country trip, where they learn, love and make memories. But walking away isn’t easy, and Lucas needs to set Riley free. Time supposedly heals all, but as Riley and Lucas grow, apart from each other, their lives changes in so many ways. Can their hearts recover? Can time apart help them move on?
“No secrets. That was the promise we’d made one another a long time ago. If we went against that, everything we’d built would begin falling apart, and I wouldn’t survive losing him in any capacity.”
Before Us…There Was Him is an incredible coming of age story. Not only do we get to see Riley and Lucas’ journey, but we get to see the changes that their friends go through as well. Smiles, tears and cheering will be only some of the things you will do while reading this book. LJ is a master at taking us on an emotional journey through life and love.
“She was my everything. My world. My heart. My soul.”

Meet the Author

Lou Stock has always lived in a world of her own, continuously lost in her imagination. Whether in the forests that backed up to her home in Aberdeen when she was only six years old. The unique landscape of Singapore she discovered at eight, or the rolling woodlands that rolled up to Dartmoor during her teen years, there have always been new worlds to explore.

Now an adult living in Oakhurst, Texas, she lives with the forest surrounding her, encouraging plenty more stories to tell. She now has too many. When she’s not writing, Lou can be found hanging out with her family—playing with her crazy cats and pup or sitting at the computer lost in the creativity of her successful graphic design business, LJDesigns.

Social Media Links

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LouStockAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/L_J_Stock

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9833142.Lou_Stock

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/~/e/B00RKLZUTS


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Website: http://www.loustockbooks.com

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***Release Blitz*** The Paris Pact by Laura Farr


The Paris Pact by Laura Farr

Release Date 2nd July 2021

The Paris Pact is a standalone friends to lovers sports romance

Available on Release Day for the special price, 77p/99c


Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3yVxrJT

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2T0ZZBi

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When Ella Fitzgerald makes a pact with her best friend, she never expects he’ll be holding her to it twelve years later.

She’s not going to argue, though. She’s been half in love with Theo Townsend since they were kids. Not that he has any idea. She’s always kept her feelings for him buried, knowing if she told him, it could ruin their friendship forever.

Theo meant every word of the pact he made with Ella all those years ago, but his life as a Major League Baseball player has taken him away from her and their friendship. It looks like he’s got it all: fame, fortune and a different woman on his arm every night. Looks can be deceiving though, and he finds himself comparing every woman he meets to Ella, leaving her never far from his thoughts or his heart.

When the pact brings them back together, it isn’t long before sparks fly. With their lives at polar opposites, are sparks enough to keep the flames of love alive, or will their love be extinguished before it’s even had a chance to start?


Review by Julie

If you made a pact with your best friend as a teenager, one made on the back of hurt,  one that would go into adulthood when life takes over, you wouldn’t expect it to happen..right?

“How about if we’re both single when you’re thirty, we get married? ”To each other?” I ask in surprise, and he laughs. “Yes, to each other.” My heart pounds in my chest at the thought of marrying him. “We could meet in Paris.”

Ella and Theo have been best friends from a young age, but lose touch as adult life and pursuing dreams takes over.  .

Taking the chance both head to Paris hoping the other one turns up without any guarantees

The Paris Pact is a friends to lovers story.  It’s a second chance with your first love, in a City that was built for Romance.  

Laura Farr has written an addictive story and I really wanted a HEA for these two from the start, they are such likeable characters with huge hearts.  The stolen glances, the easy friendship even after 4 years apart and the undeniable chemistry things soon become clear that they are both harbouring strong feelings for each other.  

“You mean everything to me, Ella. I don’t want to live my life without you in it. You’re my everything.” 

It’s easy to promise forever when you are consumed by each other, but what happens when you have to go back to real life, to the jobs and life that will keep you apart.  Can they fight for what they want?

There is romance, angst, jealousy, twists, turns and heartbreak along the way, making this book a page turner. 

A definite summer read and one I will read again and also makes me want to go back to Paris!


Meet The Author

Laura Farr lives in Shropshire with her husband and two children. When she isn’t working, or being a Mummy she is pursuing her dream of writing.

She is a romantic at heart and loves nothing more than writing stories with a happy ever after, even if there is the odd chapter of angst thrown in! Her desire to write came from her love of reading and when she isn’t writing you will find her attached to her kindle or spending time with her family.

Author links

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/laura.farr.547

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Laura-Farr-Author-191769224641474/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurafarr_author/

Twitter: @laurafarr4


***Release Blitz*** Kept By The Mountain Man by Gemma Weir



Kept By The Mountain Man by Gemma Weir

The Montana Mountain Men Book 3

Available Now: hyperurl.co/montanamountainmen3

Check out the Series – FREE in KU

Genre: Erotic Mountain Man Romance

Interconnected Standalone in the Montana Mountain Men series

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Kind, insistent and refusing to go away, Granger Barnett is one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever met. I imagine every woman in Rockhead Point wants a taste of the mountain man. Except me.

When my RV breaks down, he shows up like the good Samaritan ready to save me, only I’m not looking for a hero. But it turns out no isn’t a word Granger hears that often, especially not from the woman he thinks is meant to be his.

He says it’s fate, I’m confident he’s got the wrong girl.

Only apparently the Barnett brothers know how to get their own way. So now I’m staying at his house and he’s talked me into giving him the weekend to convince me I’m his.

But while I’m planning my great escape, I realize he doesn’t just want the weekend, he wants to keep me forever.


Check out Book 1: Property of The Mountain Man:

Buy Now! hyperurl.co/MontanaMountainMen1

Check out Book 2: Owed By The Mountain Man:

BUY NOW: hyperurl.co/MontanaMountainMen2


Review by Tara

“People don’t like me. My likeability has a timescale. I’m needy. I’m pathetic I’m toxic.”
Alice has made herself believe that she is not worthy of anyone’s time and company. Moving every 3 months ensures that she cannot make any real connections and get hurt. Upon meeting Granger, Alice just wants to get as far away from him as she can, but Granger has other plans. He feels an instant “urge” to claim Alice and will stop at nothing to have her.
“I want her to need me for everything. I want to be the person she goes to for every need, thought and desire.”
Gemma is at it again with Kept By Mountain Man. Each page will have you clenching your thighs and fanning your face. The Barrett boys are big men, and they love big too. Some may say they’re too alpha, but to the women that love them, they are the perfect combo of intense, alpha and loving. Alice is so relatable with her insecurities and her need to be loved. Watching her grow in the story will leave you with a smile on your face.
“I know who I am, and that’s okay, because I might be poisonous, but he’ll always be my antidote.”

Meet the Author

Gemma Weir is a half crazed stay at home mom to three kids, one man child and a hell hound. She has lived in the midlands, in the UK her whole life and has wanted to write a book since she was a child. Gemma has a ridiculously dirty mind and loves her book boyfriends to be big, tattooed alpha males. She’s a reader first and foremost and she loves her romance to come with a happy ending and lots of sexy sex.

Her social media links are: