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The Look After You series box set by Elena Matthews is now **LIVE**

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Price – $1.99 for the first two weeks of release


Will you be team Ashton…

…or team Sebastian?

What’s inside the boxed set –

Look After You

Look After Me

Look After Us

Over 250,000 words in content.

Plus: Never-before-released bonus epilogues for Look After You and Look After Me

Look After You 

It wasn’t supposed to happen yet…

…it was too early.

The birth of Ava’s firstborn child should have been the best day of her life.

Instead, she has to sit back and watch her daughter fight for every breath she takes, while her fiancé fights for his country in Afghanistan.

As her vulnerability hits an all-time low, she finds comfort in a pair of intense, green eyes. Eyes that belong to her daughter’s doctor…

Dr. Ashton Bailey.

She tries to ignore the way her heartbeat quickens each time Ashton is in the same vicinity. She’s engaged to be married to another man…he shouldn’t be making her pulse race.

But when the pull between the two is so strong, will it be impossible for her to stay away?

As Ava battles with her feelings, she’s convinced things can’t get any worse…until a shocking revelation blindsides her and threatens to bring her down once and for all.

Ashton’s job is to save the lives of tiny babies but can he save Ava…when nobody else can?

Look After Me 

In the blink of an eye…

…his entire life changes.

The moment Sebastian watches his soul mate declare her undying love to another man, his world comes crashing around him.

Unable to cope with the loss of his fiancée, his job, his life, he turns to the only thing that helps ease the pain.


Seven months later…

Sebastian checks out of rehab, but after three months locked away from the outside world, he struggles to adapt to his new life.

When he reaches out to his drug counselor, Addison, is he able to find hope again?

As she helps Sebastian rebuild his life, their friendship grows but lines become blurred and lust quickly turns into love.

Sebastian’s broken heart might be slowly mending, but will letting Addison in shatter it once more?

Look After Us 

Ava and Ashton….

…got their happily ever after.

But do fairy tales really exist?

Madly in love and engaged to be married, they’re happier than they’ve ever been.

But it seems Ashton’s brother, Tyler, will beat Ashton down the aisle.

Ashton has been asked to be his best man…and not one to miss his baby brother tying the knot, he and Ava fly to Texas to join in the festivities.

Everything is perfect.

Until it isn’t.

What will happen when Ashton’s past threatens to destroy everything?

As tempers flare and tears fall, does Ava truly believe the reappearance of Ashton’s first love is karma in disguise?

Ava knows she’s overreacting.

Or is she?

You’ll love this romance box set because everyone loves angst-filled tear jerkers.

Get it now.

Warning: Recommended for ages 18+ due to heavy subject matters, explicit language and sexual situations.

Author Bio:

Receptionist by day, author by night, Elena Matthews is from Manchester, United Kingdom, the home of Manchester United, MediaCity, and of course, Coronation Street. When Elena isn’t writing, she can be found with her nose in a book or watching guilty pleasures, such as Grey’s Anatomy. And, when she isn’t doing those things, you can often find her on Facebook, or obsessing over Kellan Kyle, book-boyfriend extraordinaire

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