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Anything for the Love of Beauty by Zoe Adams is series of five erotica romance novellas that will steam up your imagination. Each novella is about 40 – 43 pages long and must be read in order.

▪️ It is suitable for readers 18+

Genre/trope. Romance, Erotica


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Love * Sex * Passion * Hate * Drama * Romance *

Some might say, mix them and you create a dangerous combination!

Tasha Matthews, a model that wants to express pure art with her body, soon finds herself mixed up in romances that lead her from success to heartbreak and back again.

Can she find the balance between love and ambition for a happily ever after?
Tasha Matthews yearns to use her body and beauty to express her artistic aspirations, but her ambition and chosen path earn her the disapproval of her parents and the realization that the depth of her craft may never be truly understood by anybody. That is until she crosses paths with Jacob Allan, a talented artist that some would call a genius.
He has yet to find a muse that matches his artistic prowess, but that changes as soon as he sees Tasha. Their meeting creates a perfect storm of art, passion, and desire, as both unearth what beauty is in its purest form.

Tasha will soon discover that love doesn’t always listen to reason and succumbing to desire often leads to complications. Her choices result in consequences that will follow her far into her future.
No matter how hard she tries, Tasha can’t ever seem to sever her ties to Damien and Jacob, and the unexpected emergence of connections to her past may give her one last chance to achieve the love, happiness, and success she’s always dreamed of.

This work of fiction contains adult language and sexual scenes only suitable for mature readers. . If such material offends you, please don’t buy this boxset.

Review by Tara

Sometimes it takes a journey for a woman to realize how beautiful she really is.
“She looked at the man who had turned her life upside down like it was nothing. He made her a shadow of herself and trampled on her dignity.”
Natasha (Tasha) always wanted a career in modelling. To use her beauty to create art. But when she is told she won’t amount to anything, Tasha leaves her life behind to start fresh. Meeting a new artist is ground breaking, but when he leaves her heart broken, Tasha has to move on. Through new career opportunities and new love, Tasha discovers her beauty lies both inside and out.
“This shouldn’t be happening, not when she thought they both finally had a shot at love. Not when she thought they’d finally put the past behind them. Not after everything she’d been through for love.”
Zoe created an erotic fairytale when she wrote the Anything for The Love of Beauty set. Filled with so much lust, desire and heartache, the readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride. The characters are unique, as is their journey. Tasha’s story comes full circle, and shows us to always believe in yourself and your dreams.
“She had come to learn that fact in difficult ways and had sacrificed a lot for it. She knew who she was. She was Natasha Matthews, the goddess of beauty.”

About Zoe Adams

Zoe Adams is an audacious author exploring the layered ups-and-downs of love.

A passionate writer, she draws her inspiration from a variety of sources. Her admiration for the romance books, her understanding of human character, and her observing eye for exciting scenarios are a few of them. But above all, her greatest writing gift is her bold, unapologetic love for love itself.

She grew up reading lighter romances and simple tales. But as time went on, Zoe surpassed those simpler ideas from her younger life. She dipped into the more mature, revealing, and raw depths of love: its complex, passionate, and intimate virtue. Realizing its true and unbound nature, Zoe found the perfect time to pick up her pen and write about love her way. She dares through intimate scenes, never shying away from the steamy moments between the sheets.

A wordsmith with her heart in her craft, she wants to give readers engaging stories. Currently she writes novelettes that read for around an hour-long: quick, yet sensational and exciting. While her personal style shines through her writing, she leaves just enough room in her tales to play with the reader’s imagination, getting them to live and breathe in the romantic plot with her characters. They get to kindle their own ideas from every sweet moment to every torrid encounter.

Zoe likes to create stories with impactful and relatable characters. Her tales are sure to spark feelings of titillating intimacy and connection, from first kisses to romantic retreats. After all, she believes that, even in reading, experiencing that deep and passionate love keeps life all the more interesting.

With her debut, the Anything For The Love Of Beauty series, Zoe starts her writer’s journey to aid her exploration on love. With more titillating stories up her sleeve just waiting to be inked down, she aims to fill the hearts and sweep off the feet of both first-time readers and romance veterans alike.

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