Crashing Into Love by Hollis Wynn


Crashing Into Love by Hollis Wynn

Written in the Stars: Capricorn

12 Zodiac Signs. 12 Authors.
12 sexy, deeply romantic Novellas
Celebrate with a new novella each month, as you binge read your way through the horoscopes and decide for yourself: “Does your horoscope decide your fate in love?”

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Sutton Sterling is a Capricorn through and through. A stubborn workaholic some may call pessimistic, Sutton doesn’t have time to search for the roses between the thorns of potential relationships. Besides, her horoscopes never point her in the direction of love anyway. Until the day she reads one with a fresh perspective and decides to take a chance at romance and her future.

Baker Hayes has one cardinal rule – no interoffice dating. When he started working with Sutton, he considered disregarding his own boundaries. Baker accepted his role in the friend-zone but the day he happened upon Sutton’s online dating blog, he’s ready to start breaking some rules.

Does Sutton’s horoscope decide her fate or will she and Baker go crashing into love?

Review by Tara

Sometimes it takes some Mr. Wrongs to realize your Mr. Right has been right in front of you.
“I would very much like to move this along and stop wondering. Being unsure is causing a large amount of exhaustion that I’ve never experienced before.”
When she’s finally ready to find love, Sutton decides to join online dating. While juggling dates, her work and her blog, Sutton is shocked when love has literally been in front of her for years. Baker has watched and admired Sutton from afar. When he sees his chance, Baker steals Sutton’s breath away, figuratively and literally! Trying to balance a relationship and work is going to be a struggle, are Sutton and Baker ready to take on the challenge?
“Maybe it’s because we held our feelings in so long and kept our attraction to each other inside that we connected so well. Now, I don’t know where we go from here.”
This is the final book in the Written In The Stars series, and it was a perfect way to finish it. Baker and Sutton are such interesting characters. Throw in some crazy friends and co-workers and some family drama and you have Crashing Into Love.

Meet the Author

Hollis Wynn is a thirty-something gypsy who lives for adventure and calls home anywhere that she lays her head.

On her wandering she can’t live without three things… music, books and her Yorkiepoo Boston! Hollis has been writing stories for years and after successfully running the White Hot Reads blog, she finally gave in to her passion and took the publishing leap!

When she’s penning stories where life and love collide, you’ll find her desk covered in empty wine glasses, gluten free cupcake crumbs and multiple drafts of her latest WIP covered in ink (pink of course)!

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