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Mint to Be by Madelynne Ellis

Release Date: 23rd February

Book#4 in the Stirred Passions series. Can be read as a standalone

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance/Poly romance

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Alfie Jones’s Rules for Romance:

Rule One:
Never get drunk.

Rule Two:
Never get drunk and declare you’re in a committed polyamorous relationship with three other people.

Rule Three:
Never perpetuate the lie you told while drunk by taking three fake dates to your best friend’s wedding.

Rule Four:
Never ignore your own rules… and fall in love!

Mint to Be is a hot, dirty dive into one man’s quest to be recognised as something other than the nerdy side-kick. Four people. Fake love. Real heat. Raw heartbreak.

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Review by Tara

“This is supposed to be easy. Four people who hook-up and shag one another all attending a party. It’s not supposed to be melodrama.”
Alfie is lost. He doesn’t feel accomplished like this group of Sunsetter friends. He doesn’t act, doesn’t have the looks and isn’t in the lime light. That all changes when he takes on the biggest acting role of his life. Three lovers? How will Alfie manage to convince his friends that this farse is his reality? Enter Elodie, Leo and Jet. All of them are big fans of Alfie, but feelings start to mix and situations change when this “love act” begins.
“I never planned to be polygamous, but now it’s a thing, I think I kinda like it, and I wish it was actually real, not only real until next weekend.”
Mint To Be is the ultimate love story. With new feelings, experimenting, and uncertainty, Madelynne takes your fantasies to a new level. Each connection between the characters is beyond hot, but they are also emotional when new feelings begin to form and old feelings change. Love always finds a way, but in the process, the heart get bumped and bruised, and Alfie is right in the centre of it!
“I’m not the one in the wrong here. I didn’t betray anyone. Still, what harm can it do to listen? After all, I’m well prepared, heart barricaded behind a wall of broken crockery.”

Meet the Author

Madelynne Ellis lives in the UK not far from the Welsh border with her partner, family, & assorted pets. She is currently sipping rapidly cooling decaf coffee, listening to loud music, & indulging her obsession for tattooed bad boys.


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