Release Blitz: False Start by Echo Grayce

False Start by Echo Grayce

Book one in the Straight No Chaser Series.

Small town contemporary romance.

Secondary sports romance.

Roller derby.


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There’s nothing I can’t do on skates…

One night home and I’m obsessed.
She’s the most compelling woman I’ve ever seen, and I can’t take my eyes off her.
I watch her fight, battling head to head for everything she believes in.
And when the odds turn against her, I’m the unlikely key to her salvation.
Getting too close could cost me everything.
But there’s no chance in hell I’ll stay away.
Maisy Flynn is mine, even if neither one of us wants it.

✔ Bold, Determined Player
✔ Swoon-worthy Coach
✔ Enemies to Lovers
✔ Small Town
✔ Angst
✔ Scarred Hearts

Meet the Author

Echo Grayce mercilessly jabs her Pilot V5 gel pen straight into the heart of her readers. Whether she’s delivering steamy small-town, sexy heart-hammering romantic suspense or taking you for a walk on the hot and flirty side with the single-in-the-city relatives of your small-town favorites, every one of her books holds a dose of angst, a double shot of romance, followed by a scorchin’ hot sexy times chaser that will leave you panting for more.

Born and raised in New England, she’s got Ben & Jerry’s pumping through her heart and real Vermont maple syrup dripping through her veins.

She has an insatiable addiction to Fall Out Boy and a new, rather concerning obsession with tattoos and piercings.

If you’re searching for her, she’s usually found sitting at her command terminal, planning to take over the world. When she takes back the pen she’s stabbed into her readers’ hearts, she creates beautifully brutal romance between fierce women and the men who topple off their alpha thrones for them.

She adores every last one of you who picks up one of her stories and makes her dreams come true.

And she’s done talking about herself in the third person now because that shit is weird.




Tara’s 4**** Review


Both suffering a tragic loss, Maisy and Cain do not want to let people into their lives, so they cannot get hurt. When they come together for a good cause, sparks fly and wheels turn in False Start!
“And I showed up front and center for the battle between us that would never be over. Because in life, and especially in roller derby, when they knock you down, you get back up. You always get back up.”
Growing up alone, Maisy only had herself, until she find the Crossroads, a youth group. Settling down in Galloway Bay, Maisy finds her solace in skates, at the Roller Derby rink. Volunteering and skating take up a lot of Maisy’s time, so when Priest comes back to town, Maisy’s attention takes a different direction.
“The price of my disastrous decision was never paid in full.  The balance destined to hang over my head for a lifetime.  What the hell was I doing here?  What business did I have getting involved with anyone, carrying my stains into their lives, making them bear the cost of my mistakes?”
Cain (Priest) comes back Galloway Bay, dragging his past with him. With a plan to only stay and help his sister, Cain plans to be in and out. But one look at Maisy on her skates, and Cain is mesmerized. Seeing Roller Derby again, brings back old feelings and worries, but when the town comes together to help the Crossroads, Cain falls back into a role he never thought he’d be in.
“I’d never need another drink. No drug could match this. No other man, or woman, had the power to coil me so tight and give me sweet relief in the same moment. Just this man, his touch, his kiss, his unshakeable dedication.”
False Start is an intriguing read. As a Roller Derby novice, I have learned some things about the sport. One thing i really loved about this book is the connection between Cain and Maisy. Watching their relationship build had my heart beating!! I look forward to see what Echo has next for us!

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