**Release Blitz** Forever Blake by Elena Matthews

**Release Blitz**

Forever Blake

by Elena Matthews

A few things to know about Forever Blake

➜ Contemporary office romance

➜ Sexy lawyer 

➜ Forbidden / Age gap 

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Once upon a time… 

A sister told her brothers, “Eventually, a girl is going to come along and flip your worlds upside down.”

She was right… 

…and Blake was the third to fall. 

Hotshot lawyer Blake has always lived the bachelor life, never wanting to be with a woman more than once. 

Until Ever comes along.

When a one-night stand turns into an unexpected life-altering weekend, Blake desperately wants to see her again. 

What Blake doesn’t anticipate is seeing her so soon … as she’s being introduced to him as the new summer intern, who happens to be the boss’s twenty-two-year-old daughter. 

A dead man walking, Blake makes it clear to Ever that nothing can happen again. He has too much riding on his career. 

However, the electrical charge between them is unlike anything he’s ever felt, and when the tension gets to be too much, Blake finds it impossible to stay away from her. 

Will Blake risk it all for Ever, or will he let the ten-year age gap and the fact that she’s his boss’s daughter get in the way of his happiness? 


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Tara’s 5* review

“I feel like I’ve met the woman of my dreams, and knowing she doesn’t want anything serious is the damn icing on the cake. Fun—I can definitely do that. Fun is what I’ve been practicing my entire life.”
Career focused Blake doesn’t have time for a relationship. One night is all he is ready to give. Celebrating a promotion, Blake and his family head to a club. When someone catches his eye, Blake cannot help but to use his charm to seal the deal. When Ever starts her first job at a club, she didn’t expect to be sidelined by a handsome stranger. After an incredible night, with no expectations, both Blake and Ever carry on. When a chance run-in at a law firm shakes things up, Blake and Ever realize there may be more to their one time meet up.
“Ever and Reagan. I can totally pretend they are two different people. I mean, I kind of have to. I don’t have any other choice. I have to be professional. Nothing more. Nothing less.”
I absolutely love the Blake and Ever in Forever Blake. They are so relatable and loveable. Both are independently strong, but together they are a blast. From the humour to the lust, Elena has created a power couple! Forever Blake will have you smiling the whole way through!
“Everything makes sense. How my heart races… How my pulse quickens… How my body buzzes with awareness whenever she’s nearby… How I’m unable to stop thinking about her… How I’m happier than I’ve ever been…”

Author Bio – 

Receptionist by day, author by night, Elena Matthews is from Manchester, United Kingdom, the home of Manchester United, MediaCity, and of course, Coronation Street. When Elena isn’t writing, she can be found with her nose in a book or watching guilty pleasures, such as Grey’s Anatomy. And, when she isn’t doing those things, you can often find her on Facebook, or obsessing over Kellan Kyle, book-boyfriend extraordinaire.

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