**Release Blitz** Penalty Box by Echo Grayce


Penalty Box by Echo Grayce

Straight No Chaser Series

Penalty Box is the prequel to the series.

Small town contemporary romance. Sports romance. Roller derby.

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I’m the bad boy who will stain his soul to keep her safe.

She’s a runner.

Always has been…at least, she’s always run from me.

Our history repeats relentlessly.


Secret trysts.

Pounding hearts.

Fiery stolen kisses.

Her retreating back.

Now she’s home, hunted by someone sinister.

The lesser of two evils, I’m the unlikely lifeline she reaches for.

Becoming her salvation means plunging my hard-won, respectable life into ruin.

But I’ve never had the strength to turn away from her hold on me.

I’ve always been hers.

She’s always been mine.

Savannah Bryant has run away from me—from us—for the last time.

Pre Order Book 1: False Start:https://geni.us/FalseStartEG


Tara’s 4**** Review

“My heart rages in my chest; the knocking against my ribs threatens to break me apart once again. She does that to me. Still. Always. My very own living, breathing prison for the past sixteen years.”
This is the prequel to the Straight No Chaser series. Meeting Jackson, we see that he has always struggled in life, trying to prove himself to others. The one person he didn’t have to prove himself to was Savannah. Their love was raw and honest. Until one day, when she leaves. But now, standing before him, Jackson sees Savannah in a different light. Scared and worried, Savannah has run home to hide from the one person she never thought would hurt her. Seeing Jackson again only solidifies her past feelings, and helps push her towards what needs to be done.
“She’ll leave. She always does. She wants something. Nothing more. Nothing less. And once she gets it, she’ll be gone.”
Penalty Box is a fast paced, sensual, action packed novella. Jackson and Savannah’s chemistry is off the charts, but mix in their messy pasts and presents, and you will not be able to put this book down.
“My every cry, every whimper, every demolished boundary between us will and the marks he leaves destroying those walls will plague him with guilt and make him wonder if he’s gone too far. And I want it. Everything. Pain mixed with pleasure.”

Meet Echo

Echo Grayce mercilessly jabs her Pilot V5 gel pen straight into the heart of her readers. Whether she’s delivering steamy small-town, sexy heart-hammering romantic suspense or taking you for a walk on the hot and flirty side with the single-in-the-city relatives of your small-town favorites, every one of her books holds a dose of angst, a double shot of romance, followed by a scorchin’ hot sexy times chaser that will leave you panting for more.

Born and raised in New England, she’s got Ben & Jerry’s pumping through her heart and real Vermont maple syrup dripping through her veins. She has an insatiable addiction to Fall Out Boy and a new, rather concerning obsession with tattoos and piercings.

If you’re searching for her, she’s usually found sitting at her command terminal, planning to take over the world. When she takes back the pen she’s stabbed into her readers’ hearts, she creates beautifully brutal romance between fierce women and the men who topple off their alpha thrones for them.

She adores every last one of you who picks up one of her stories and makes her dreams come true. And she’s done talking about herself in the third person now because that shit is weird.

*Echo out*

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