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Roping Your Heart (Love in Everton 2)
by Fabiola Francisco
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Lia Montgomery has been my best friend since we were kids, but when she moves back to our hometown, we can’t ignore the chemistry between us. And I’ve come up with a plan to make her mine.
First on the list? Make her my roommate.
It seems like a great idea at the time, but one look at her in those little pajama shorts and a thin tee shirt, and all I want to do is throw her over my shoulder, caveman style.
Screw the plan.
A simple dare changes everything between us. When I’m challenged to do the one thing that could tear us apart forever, I realize there’s more at risk than just my heart.
ROPING YOUR HEART: https://amzn.to/30gghbW
Will be available FREE in KU
Review by Tara 
“I thought living in another state, growing up, and seeing more of the world would change this dynamic between us, but I was wrong. Here we are, no longer kids, but two adults who still gravitate toward one another.”
Lia and Axel have been friends forever. As they grew up, they went separate ways, only to talk and visit here and there. When Lia moves home, sparks fly and Axel tests the water with Lia, letting her move in with him, as a favour, he notices his feelings for her have changed. Lia notices the shift as well, but is worried about their friendship crumbling. Can these two make “more than friends” work? Will a incident from the past break the bond Lia and Axel have formed?
“He’s been everything I always imagined. We’re finding a balance between playful banter and intimate moments. What I love is that we are best friends before anything else, so the level of comfort between us has been flawless.”
Roping Your Heart is another amazing love story by Fabiola. This book is filled with camaraderie with friends new and old, and sexual tension so high you’ll be gripping your book while you read. Lia and Axel are made for each other, and their friendship is portrayed with so much love and emotion. Their supporting characters add the perfect amount of encouragement for these two to grow their new relationship!
“I want to hold her, pull her to my side, and keep her in my life forever. Nothing is standing in our way now.”
I clear my throat when her gaze pierces deep into me and breathe out. “Let’s go for a swim.”
I ignore her, kicking off my boots and removing my hat before I take off my shirt. In record time, I’m undressed. 
“Did you just strip?!” Lia screams.
“It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve seen me naked,” I laugh and race toward the lake.
“Yeah, but we were, like, four and… Oh God,” I look back to see her hand cover her face, but I can’t hear what else she’s saying as I crash into the cold lake.
My head breaks through the surface, and I look out at Lia, frozen in the same spot. “You’re not gonna get in?” I holler at her. My hands move in a circular motion to keep me afloat.
“Are you insane?” she yells out at me.
“It’s refreshing,” I tempt her. “Really helps cool down in this heat.”
“You are insane. I am not stripping and jumping in.” She walks closer to the shore, looking at me with arms crossed over her chest. How I wish she would.
Smirking slowly, I lift a brow.
“Oh, no. I know that look,” Lia’s eyes widen.
My smirk curls up into a full, taunting smile. “I dare you,” I say nothing else as I dive into the lake and swim around.
©2019 Fabiola Francisco
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Meet Fabiola Francisco



Fabiola Francisco is a contemporary romance author from South Florida. Writing as been a part of her life since she was a teenager. Even at that age, she dreamed of happy endings with emotional twists. Her novels include Perfectly Imperfect, The Restoring Series, Sweet on You Duet, and Red Lights, Black Hearts.  
Her passion for books and writing has inspired her to write her own stories. She writes novels readers could relate to and grow with. She’s currently working on writing more stories that connect with readers on a deeper.
Fabiola also loves expressing herself through art and spending time in nature. In her spare time, she loves to cuddle with a good book and a glass of wine.


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