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A standalone novella

Silent Cries by Tracey Jukes

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Trigger Warning: This book contains mention of domestic violence and kidnap

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Falling in love was the beginning of her nightmare…


My husband turned into a monster the day we said I do. So I ran.

I didn’t expect his head of security to help me escape. I always thought Jude was dark and violent. Just another monster.

He’s more than that, though. He’s also my protector, watching from the shadows as I live my new life.

One day, he’ll come for me like he promised—and I’ll be ready.

Because no matter what, Jude is my monster now.


I never intended to save her. But seeing her broken was more than I could take.

Once she fell into my arms, I knew the truth.

Addie is mine.

But she looks happy with her fresh start. So I’ll stay hidden. For now.

And when my boss comes, I’ll be ready to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Then we will be together.

Because no matter what the fairy tales say, monsters do get happily ever after endings…


Tara’s 4**** Review


“I’ve lost so much. My friends, my family, and most of all, my identity.”
Stuck in a life filled with abuse, Erin cannot go on anymore. One fateful night, she decides to get away, and has help from an unexpected source.
“My savior, whose face I have yet to see but already know doesn’t turn around, launches him to his feet and sends him on his way. Then he vanishes.”
Running away as far as she can, Erin becomes Addie, a woman who just wants to live her life for her. Enjoying her new life is easy, except for the fear that someone is always watching. When someone from her past finds her, pieces begin to fall into their places, and Addie must do what she can to keep her newfound life.
“That’s another bridge we have to cross. For now, I need to mend my broken heart and work on waiting for however long it takes for him to be released.”
Filled with suspense and mystery, Silent Cries will have you on the edge of your seat. You will cheer Erin/Addie on, and hope that she can keep going, even when things get tough.

Meet the Author

Tracey Jukes is a British Author from Wolverhampton in the UK. She’s a wife, mum and nanna. Her much loved family is a little crazy,  but then she would argue that she is also. She loves to blast out loud music in the car and has a fetish for designer handbags.

She loves to read – especially books that involve a hot,  over protective alpha with tattoos. She primarily writes edgy, addictive romantic suspense with a touch of dark romance that will leave you page flipping till the end




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