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by Cassandra P. Lewis

Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance

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Dillon Benedetto always knew what she wanted out of life… to be successful and singlethat’s all. 

A great night with an incredible man is written off as another one night stand until she comes face to face with him again, in the boardroom. 

After thinking about her for weeks, Enzo doesn’t want to let Dillon slip through his fingers again.

He offers her a deal that fits her terms and keeps her in his life… He needs a girlfriend for his sister’s wedding, and he’s willing to pay.

No strings, just a business arrangement.

They both deal with contracts every day, but this one was broken before it was signed. 

Can they keep up the ruse and convince his family they’re in love whilst keeping their relationship strictly business?

TW: Mental Health, Bipolar, Anxiety

Meet the Author

I’m Cassie, or Cassandra as it says on the front of this book. I’m a mother, a wife, and a writer, amongst many other things.

I’m from Birmingham, England but now live in South Derbyshire with my family.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember but I first published a book in 2012, and my author journey has been a hell of a rollercoaster since then.

I write because I love to write, but also because I love to read. I adore the way a book can take a reader away from reality for a while, and I want to be in the driving seat.

I hope you’ll come along on another journey with me soon.

Thank you for reading.

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Tara’s 5***** Review


Falling in love isn’t black and white. Sometimes the lines get blurred and it becomes hard to stick to the terms.
“I truly believe women are goddesses and deserve the world on a plate, all of them, but her — she grabbed me without any intention to and without realising it, she just wouldn’t let go.”
Dillion grew up surrounded by love, happiness and sadness. Having a parent with mental health issues is a struggle, and Dillon decided she would never let herself fall in love. She couldn’t bear having a family in case she followed in her mom’s path. Meeting Enzo opens up her heart in a way she never knew existed, but is Dillon willing to let her walls down?
Enzo is in prime age for marriage and a family. But focusing on work hasn’t allowed him that luxury. One night out, and a run in with “Liv” aka Dillon, Enzo cannot get her out of his head. When she, shows up at his work, he is sure fate is testing him, and he wants Dillon in his life for as long a possible, even if it means making a deal. But can Dillon and Enzo stick to the terms, or will the lines get blurred?
“I see him look at me and see him fight his attraction to me as hard as I fight mine for him. The difference between us, though, is he wants this to be more than it is.”
I quite enjoyed this story. Sticking To The Terms is a unique love story. It’s a mix of lust, love and fear of getting hurt and losing it all. Mental health is at focus, and Cassandra writes about it gracefully. Dillon and Enzo are a power couple, and will have you cheering all the way. The supportive cast is just as great, helping to build and steer the story.
“I can’t love him. I won’t love him. For both our sakes.”


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