**Release Day Blitz** A Picture Perfect Christmas by J.P. Uvalle

 ⋆୨୧ A Picture Perfect Christmas ⋆୨୧

BY J. P. Uvalle

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About the Book

You never forget your first love. No matter how hard you try.
Darren Hayes, her once-best friend, has been gone longer than Melody Boyer, can remember. Well, that’s a lie. He’s been gone four years, eleven months, three weeks and two days. Since Christmas Eve: the night they took their friendship to the next level. He rocked her world and made all her fantasies come true only to leave her behind in Hudson Heights to see the world through his lens.
And now he’s back, Mr. famous photographer walking into town like he didn’t destroy her world years ago. Showing up on her doorstep asking for forgiveness and a chance to be friends again. But friends don’t kiss like he kisses her goodbye… and when he proposes they become friends with benefits and see what develops, Melody can’t help but wonder what the negatives are. Can she agree to these terms and have the best sex of her life anytime she wants, no strings attached? Or will Darren capture her heart only to break it all over again?
If you like over-the-top romance with a hint of Christmas and some tantalizing sexy times in between, then this delicious treat is for you.

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I knew going too far would be a mistake, but at that moment, I was willing to risk it all. This was my chance to reel him in before he had a moment to change his mind. I rotated my hips around, working his fingers deeper inside me. The way he was transfixed on me, practically drooling, made me feel invincible. It was now or never. The point of no return.
He was going to be mine.
“I’ve fantasized about you fingering me just like this…”
“Oooh, yeah?” He pushed his fingers in deeper, faster.
“…Uh-huh. You fucking me from behind…me on top.” I moaned as the pleasure ricocheted through me, my fantasies flooding my brain. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I was about to come all over Darren’s fingers instead of my own. The build-up left my body with a loud cry, his name rolling off my tongue.
“Damn, girl.” He reached down to stroke his cock through his Santa suit. “Why didn’t you let me know sooner?”
“I was scared I’d lose you.”
He pressed his forehead against mine, both of us panting with need. “You’ve got me, baby girl. You’ve got me.” His lips found my neck. A trail of kisses peppered my skin, and he bit down on my shoulder as if to leave his mark on me. “You’ve got me so fucking hard right now.”
“Good? If you ask me, I’d say you’re being rather naughty. Think you need a spanking.” His fingers slid out of me, and he quickly tossed me over his shoulder.
“Hey. What are you doing?” I giggled.
“Taking this party to the bedroom.”
About the Author

JP, is a beautifully twisted soul who has the divine ability to make the unbelievable believable.
A Colorado girl born and raised, she graduated with a degree in veterinary medicine and worked seven years as a full-time ER tech.
Marriage and two beautiful kids later, she currently works part-time at a general practice assisting in surgeries and performing dentals.
When JP is not saving lives or coming up with my next plot twist, she loves traveling and spending time with family and friends!

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Tara‘s 4***** review
“The devilish smirk on her face told me I was in for a night I’d never forget.”
A quirky little tale about first loves, broken hearts and learning to trust again.
Melody and Darren have been besties since they were little. Always there for each other, their friendship is unbreakable. That is until one night, when unknown feelings surface and one night literally changes everything. Fast forward to the future, where Melody and Darren’s past memories come back, and these two must decide if they can continue where they left off.
“My best friend hated me, and that was a tough pill to swallow. I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want to feel anything.”
J.P. created a great little read with A Picture Perfect Christmas. This book will get your heart thumping and hoping for Melody and Darren to find their ever after happiness.
“I promised myself I would never allow myself to fall for someone like that again. Now the question was, did I open the door, or let him walk away and out of my life for good?”


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