**Release Day Blitz** Animal Magnetism by Toya Richardson

Book: Animal Magnetism
Series: The Protectors (Book 2)
Author: Toya Richardson
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Solange Arlington is coming to terms with many things in her life. Her Elemental powers she can handle. But there’s something which scares her… she’s the fated mate of a bear shifter. The pull and intensity of the feelings she experiences around him terrify her. Will she ever accept the fact they will be together for eternity?
Evan never thought the day would come when he’d finally discover his mate. It’s something every shifter desires more than anything else in their life. A partner to love. To cherish. To protect. When he does find her, he’s unprepared for how difficult the relationship would be.
When Solange runs away from the Protector’s community, she doesn’t realise how much danger she puts her mate and herself in. Evan is captured whilst trying to save her. Can she reach him in time before he’s killed?
Tara’s Review
“A fire raged in his gut at the thought of anyone hurting her. He prayed they got to her in time. With her powers linked to her emotions, and her lack of control over them, she’d be easy for the Trackers to detect.”
Before you open this book, please read Toya’s first book in this series, Wild Desires. It will help you understand the Super Nat community and you will meet an array of characters needed to create this unique story.
“But what concerned him the most was that she’d shut her mind off to him. Whatever she was thinking, she definitely didn’t want him to know about. This did little to allay his fears that something was going to happen to them, no matter how much they tried to prevent it.”
Solange has always been an independent woman. Taking care of herself and her brother. After arriving at the SuperNat community, Solange realizes there are others like her, and allows herself to open up a bit. After meeting each other, Solange and Evan cannot help the pull between the two of them. When Solange realizes that Evan is anything but the big soft teddy bear he seems to be, her walls come down, and lust, trust and passion bring these two powerful people together. Can their combined forces beat the evil that is lurking beyond their community?
“She wouldn’t feel safe either until they were deep in the heart of the forest. Their community was the one place where no one could reach them. There, she’d said it. Home, and that was what it was. A home she shared with the man she loved.”
Toya did a great job following book 1 in this series, with Animal Magnetism. The characters from each book fit together so well, making the two stories flow effortlessly. More evil arrives in Animal Magnetism, and it will having you cheer on the SuperNats as they band together to protect their own.
“Whatever happened, she would be the one to kill the woman who’d caused her mate so much torment.”
Meet the Author
Writing has been my passion since a very early age. Sadly, it wasn’t until the death of my mum, who was also my best friend, in 2009 that I started to take it seriously. My mum’s wish was to see me published, which didn’t occur until 2014. And now, each book written by me is dedicated to her.
My main genre is romance, with books published in contemporary and paranormal romance. I also have the first of a trilogy published in YA Fantasy, there is an element of romance in this series, although the focus is predominantly the heroine’s quest.
When not writing, or reading my main hobbies are; cinema, theatre, gardening, keeping fit, Formula One racing, darts and spending time with friends.
Book 1: Wild Desire
Mila Stubbs is starting her dream job as a forest ranger. The downside, it’s close to where she grew up. After years of bullying at the hands of Drake Scott, and the death of her parents, she fled to the city. Now she’s back and has put her life in danger by doing so. She has no idea of the power which lies dormant inside her.
Elias Crane has been waiting his whole life for ‘The One’. A chance meeting with Mila in the forest changes his life forever. Even though he realises she has no idea what is going on deep undercover of the trees, and the untold connection between them, the powerful pull to her drives him to the edge of insanity.
As they become close, the danger for Mila escalates. Drake Scott and his father have plans for her. They want her for breeding purposes. And when she’s taken captive, Elias must reach her before it’s too late.

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