**Release Day Blitz** Crazy Love by Madelynne Ellis


Crazy Love. Book #1 in The Bad Boys of Brit Pop series.

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance/Rockstar romance.


Meet the Bad Boys of Brit Pop!
Hot, naughty, dirty & funny… with an English accent.

Nate’s band has one chance to impress the music mogul who can catapult them into the limelight. Right on cue, he’s hit with the double whammy of an off the rails bass-player, and a missing melody.

Loveday Trevaskis is the bassist for their biggest rival, all girl band Bitch Slap, and the bad girl who cranks Nate’s libido to eleven. Could she also be the key to nailing the deal?

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Madelynne Ellis lives in the UK, not far from the Welsh border with her partner, family, & assorted pets. She is currently sipping rapidly cooling decaf coffee, listening to loud music, & indulging her obsession for tattooed bad boys.

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Tara’s Review

Being a rockstar is hard work, but making it big is even harder. Especially when you have someone in the band that doesn’t respect your work.
“I want to jam with her, duel with her, and then gradually blend our sounds. I’ve no doubt the outcome would be an explosive eargasm.”
Nate and the members of Paradise Kiss have wanted a shot a stardom for a long time. When they are approached by a bigwig in the entertainment industry they cannot believe it! But the thought of success sends one of their own down the party rabbit hole. Needing a backup, there is only on option, but is she willing to risk it all? Loveday is part of a girl band, Bitch Slap. Rage and revenge is what spurs on their lead singer. When they are asked to play for an industry leader, Loveday is pumped but her band mates have other plans. An instant connection to Nate throws complications in to her plans, but opens up huge possibilities and new feelings! Can Nate and Loveday make music together?
“It was a moment of madness that’s all. Nothing good can come of something deep and meaningful blossoming between us—absolutely nothing.”
Madelynne takes us into the music world or groupies, drugs and wild sex. Loveday is a fierce chick and a great female lead. Her confidence is alluring, and her heart makes her a total package. Nate is hot, caring and egotistical, so basically a rock god in the making. Their connection is instant and hot as hell! Crazy Love is the perfect name for this book, as this whirlwind romance will have you spinning in circles!
“All my defences are shredded, ripped away, exposing me. I’m sure he can see right down into my core, because I’m seeing into the very heart of him, and I’m petrified by what I find there.”

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