**Release Day Blitz** You, Me, and the Memories by Elle Luckett

You, Me, and the Memories by Elle Luckett
A standalone novella in her Club Stigmata Series
Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM
Rule number one: keep your past in the past, your heart locked away, but never say no to a little fun.
That’s what Kamryn Galvez lives by when she takes on her new role at the infamous Club Stigmata.
Her life is going to plan until she meets the Dominant of her dreams; an intense cowboy with country charm, smooth hands, and rules of his own he expects his subs to adhere to. Tristan McMillan isn’t like the rest of them, and despite thinking she has it all under control, Kamryn soon realizes she’s playing a dangerous game. One that doesn’t give a damn about her rules.
Meet The Author:
Elle Luckett was born in Houston, mainly in the mind of L.J. Stock. As the darker side of a generally light personality, she became the voice that would tell lustful stories, something born from a very vivid imagination and an amass of characters with some interesting habits and tastes.
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Tara’s 5***** Review
In this tantalizing tale about forbidden desires and longing, Elle Luckett breaks up the taboo world of BDSM in You, Me and the Memories.
“He smiled at me, a beautiful wide smile, showing his teeth as he did, and I knew in one that moment of blazing blindness that I would give this man anything he asked for. I just prayed he wouldn’t try and take more than I had to offer.”
When Kamryn willing immerses herself in BDSM, she immediately finds a family she’s never had. Willing to try a new job at Club Stigma, Kam throws herself into her work, never expecting her world to be tipped upside down by green eyed cowboy. Living life on the farm, Tristan loves his escapes to Club Stigma. It’s a chance to surrender to the power and confidence he carries around daily. But one quick look at Kam, and he’s a goner. Can Kam and Tristan trust each other enough to push their own demons down?
“I understood that he had the ability to make all of my inhibitions to fall away and leave me bare in front of him. Above all, I knew I was safe with him. I could feel it. It felt profound, and I didn’t want to give it up. Not yet.”
Elle gave a lot of thought to You, Me and the Memories, and each word shows that. Elle portrays BDSM in a tasteful way, which will make the reader want to keep reading…to find out what exactly happens in Club Stigma. Each character is strong in their own sense, adding so much intrigue, you will want each character to get their own story.
“I was about to go and lay all my demons out for a man I loved, not knowing how he felt about me or how it was all going to turn out. Frankly, I needed all the support I could get.”

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