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Ambitious by K.M. Scott

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary Romance

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The exciting conclusion to Cash and Savannah’s story that began in Ravenous!

The truth of who Cash March really is has been revealed for the whole world to see. Now he must face the consequences for his actions.

Just as he’s found the woman of his dreams, his very future is threatened. Will she stand by him now that the truth is out?

All Savannah sees is another promise of happiness being cruelly stolen from her. This time, though, she can save the man she loves.

But will she take the chance of a lifetime and risk all she has for Cash?


Ravenous is book 1 in the duet


Coming Soon!

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Tara’s 4**** Review


“I’m golden. He’s right. I always have been. Everything I’ve ever touched worked out just the way I wanted it to.”
Cash is in a world of trouble. His business has been seized, and now his family knows about the lies he’s been telling them for years. In the process, he is sure he has lost Savannah for good. Should he walk away for fight for her love? Savannah has always been quiet, keeping her opinions to herself. But after meeting Cash something in Savannah changes, and she allows her inner voice to come through. Standing up for Cash is what she wants to do, and nothing will get in her way.
“ “I deserve someone who loves me. Nobody gets to choose what the circumstances are when you fall in love. That you love me and I love you is all that’s important.” “
Ambitious is the follow-up to Ravenous. Leaving us in a cliff hanger, K. M. takes us through Cash and Savannah’s journey through love, family drama, and Cash’s legal trouble. Thankfully Cash’s family and Savannah’s sister are along for the ride. Watching Savannah go for a timid girl to a ‘take-what-she-wants’ kind of woman is so fun, you will want to high five her! Be sure to read Ravenous first, so you have the whole story!
“We started out a little rough, and I’ll forever be guilty of a crime, but between the two of us, we have enough love to make it. And we have a family around us to help us remember even when things get rocky, there’s always people who love you for who you are.”

Meet the Author

K.M. Scott writes contemporary romance stories of sexy, intense, and unforgettable love. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she’s been in love with romance since reading her first romance novel in junior high (she was a very curious girl!). Under her Gabrielle Bisset name, she writes erotic paranormal and historical romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with a herd of animals and when she’s not writing can be found reading or feeding her TV addiction.

Website: https://kmscottbooks.com

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/kmscottauthor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kmscottauthor/


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