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Cherry Beats 
A rockstar romance 
by Vicki James



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Bon Jovi.

Bryan Adams.

Presley West.

My favourite men of music.

Only one of them within reach.

The night before Presley West was due to leave our small town of Hollings Hill, all of my high school fantasies came to life. He finally wanted me. Eight years I’d spent pining, and now I, bar-tending Tessa Lisbon, was going to make damn sure I made that night count before the music industry stole him. 

Never screw your idols. That’s what they say, right? Well, I did, and I did it well. So well, I somehow managed to screw my own heart in the process. 

He gave me one night to convince him to stay. In the end, I begged him to go. 


But that’s the thing about rock stars: they do what they want, when they want, and forever didn’t end up being as long as I expected.

Presley was back, and with his face, voice, and music now everywhere I turned, I officially had nowhere left to run.

Tara’s 5***** review

“Respect. Admiration. Desire. I had no idea boys like him existed before then. Or that I’d spend the next eight years wishing he could be mine.”
Have you ever dreamed of being with your one and only crush? Imagined having them in front of you, touching them, breathing them in? What if you couldn’t keep that dream? Would you be able to return to your everyday life?
“One look at him would strike me in the heart like a toxic arrow, and all the words we’d whispered, the places he’d touched, the moans he’d made me moan, and the cries he’d turned into screams… they haunted me. His eyes haunted me. His smirk haunted me.”
Tessa is…well, herself. She doesn’t conform to society and its beliefs. She rolls with what she feels and pays no attention to the drama around her. That is until Presley comes around. Looking all “rock god hot”, Presley wants the dream. The status and the life that goes with being a rockstar. When these two finally realize that they have more than a spark, dreams are fulfilled and crushed all at once, destinies are made and realized, and love is tested at every turn.
“I let him taste my regrets and savour my return. I lost a part of me on that stage I didn’t ever want back. I wanted him to hold it in his heart and take care of it because I didn’t trust myself with any of me anymore. I only trusted him.”
Works of art belong in a museum, Vicki’s thoughts belong in books. Each word she writes in Cherry Beats is like a beautiful song, grabbing your attention, and holding you tight. Her knowledge and love for music really shines in Cherry Beats. When Vicki’s use of music referrals and her love story expertise mix together, she creates the most amazing story.

Meet Vicki James

Vicki James is a pseudonym for Victoria L. James, taking her stories from heavy angst to heavy romance and bad boys you can’t help but fall in love with. She is, however, one and the same person so feel free to follow her on any of her platforms, be it Vicki James or Victoria L. James. Most importantly, enjoy the stories she tells, no matter what name she releases under.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/vickijamesauthor

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Website: www.victorialjames.com/Vicki-James

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