**Release Tour** Hands of Women by Stacy M. Wray

Hands of Women

by Stacy M Wray

Genre: Women’s Fiction


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Haddie Kellar is passionate about three things: her marriage, her doctorate in botany, and women’s rights. It’s the injustices of the latter that sends her conscience plummeting into a dark lens of how to level the playing field, even if it goes against the grain of morality.

After creating a gel that alters the personality, Haddie feels invincible after women from all over take action against men who have wronged them. Her movement is working and everyone is noticing, even though her identity has been kept secret. So, when her loving, supportive husband discovers that she’s behind the shocking events revealed on the news, it rocks her world.

Haddie knows what she’s doing is unlawful, but she refuses to stop, knowing she’s improving women’s lives. But how far will she go? It’s not only her but all the ladies that she’s recruited for her cause.

When her identity is finally discovered, Haddie feels trapped, especially when they come knocking on her door. Will this be the end of her crusade?

Hands of women everywhere have been changing the offensive behaviors of men. So, how can it be so wrong when the outcome is so convincingly right?

Meet The Author

Stacy M Wray started out writing romance, tried her hand at suspense, then shifted into women’s fiction. Her love for real-life stories with grit and emotion guides her in her storytelling, especially when it comes to women. She doesn’t believe that life should fall into a single genre.

Lover of gray and white cats, craver of all things sweet, enthusiast of camping and hiking, wife of an extremely supportive husband, and mom to two amusing adult children, she realizes life is pretty damn good.

She also appreciates that it’s never too late to try something new. Never.

Visit her website at www.stacymwray.com
Email at [email protected]
Facebook at facebook.com/authorstacymwray
Follow on Twitter: @stacymwray
Instagram: @authorstacymwray

Tara’s review

“She had to stay focused on her task of creating a solution to tilt the country toward equality for her gender, even if that meant some men had to step back.”
Tired about the way women of the world are treated, self taught botanist Haddie decides to make a change. Throwing herself into her research, Haddie creates something that will help women everywhere, to give them the power they deserve. When her creation works, Haddie cannot believe how much of a difference she is making. But is Haddie willing to risk it all?
“Things were getting out of hand—would continue to get out of hand, especially since the victims were all over the news and social media. His wife was getting in over her head, and he didn’t know what to do—he felt helpless because he didn’t know how to protect the woman he loved.”
Stacy has given us a unique read with Hands of Women. Never have I ever read anything like it. Haddie is such a powerful woman, with a heart of gold. Her love for helping others truly stands out, making her a loveable character. The support she receives from her spouse, friends and family, will draw you in.
“They had come so far in a short time. Society wouldn’t change overnight, but Haddie was hopeful that they wouldn’t need the hundred years the experts had predicted when the playing field would level out—when the power struggle would finally end.”

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