**Release Tour** The Secrets Duet by Lyz Kelley

Billionaire’s Secret & Doctor’s Secret BY Lyz Kelley


The Billionaire’s Secret: https://geni.us/Billionaire

The Doctor’s Secret: https://geni.us/Doctor


Genre: Contemporary Romance 


Billionaire’s Secret

Weston Carver is sexy, domineering, secretive and gets what he wants. 
And he wants Courtney Kramer to run one of his newly acquired businesses. 
She wants nothing to do with powerful, New York influencer, but if she’s going to save the lives of women, she needs a financial backer. 
Weston has the money and means to support a half dozen charities. Maybe he will support hers. Then again, what will he want in return for his investment? 
Time is running out. If she wants to keep the shelter open and continue helping women in need, she must make a deal with the uber, hot CEO. 

Doctor’s Secret

McKenzie Carver is not a miracle worker.
How is she supposed to deal with the obnoxious, self-important, sexy surgeon that won’t listen to reason? 
The obstinate doctor is putting her family name at risk with his over-the-top demands and bullish nature. But he’s her responsibility, her family says, and she must find a way to keep him in line. If she doesn’t, he won’t get the hospital operating room—the robotic suite her family has funded—functional.
Garrett Branston is a workaholic with a sharp wit and irresistible charm—but his charm isn’t working on gorgeous McKenzie Carver. She might be suggesting he chill, but the attraction between them is anything but cold.
When she tells him he needs some serious PR intervention and suggests a fake engagement to redeem his reputation, he agrees, as long as she’s the one to pose as his fiancee.
But Garrett is still hiding something, and McKenzie fears his secrets will ruin everything her family has built.


Meet Lyz Kelley

Award-winning author Lyz Kelley mixes a little bit of heart, healing, humanity, happiness, hope and honor in all her books that are written especially for you. She’s is a total disaster in the kitchen, a compulsive neat freak, a tea snob, and adores writing about and falling in love with everyday heroes.  
Tara’s 4**** Reviews
The Doctors Secret
“She missed the insignificant experiences she’d once taken for granted. she wanted to feel again. Live again.”
We met the Carver family in a Billionaire’s Secret, but a Doctor’s Secret takes us into Mackenzie’s world and the struggles she lives with on a daily basis. We see the woman she lost, and the new one she is becoming. Fighting her fears and phobias are something Mackenzie has done on her own, not wanting to let anyone in. When living her dream as an artist takes her to the children’s ward at the hospital, she could have never dreamed the of the new confidence she finds within herself. Running from his past, Garrison puts his all into his work at the hospital, never letting himself relax for the fear of the past coming back to him. But seeing Mackenzie and watching her grow, helps the doctor see his future in a different light.
“Trying to escape a past – a past he possibly didn’t want to remember? She sensed his avoidance like the soft, subtle changes of season. At some point, he’d have to stop. At some point, he’d have to decide. And when he did, she hoped he’d share. Because of all people, she understood.”
A Doctor’s Secret is like an ultimate love story. Filled with sadness, love and suspense, Lyz takes her readers on an emotional journey through life and death. The Carvers come together to support each other in a Doctor’s Secret, letting us see a bit more into their high profile life. With the secrets of Mackenzie’s life being revealed, your heart strings will be pulled, and your need to protect will come through. Let’s hope Lyz Kelley continues the Carver’s journey.
“In his arms, she found peace. When she opened her eyes, she discovered the sun descending. Contentment filled her, until the what-ifs descended. No. No what-ifs. No should. Stay in the moment. Make these memories enough.”
The Billionaire’s Secret
“ ‘I remember. Just some days the voices of the last are louder than I want them to be.’ “
Courtney wants to forget and help others dealing with abuse. She wants to see others succeed and move past their tragedies, but to do that she needs help. Not fond of asking anyone for anything, Courtney sees red when Weston steps up to help out her charity. Dealing with demons of his own, Weston is worried that his money is all people see, but his need to help overshadows his doubts. Can Weston and Courtney trust each other enough to join forces and make a difference?
“Naturally, as soon as she discovered who he was she’s come find him, because everyone always wanted something from him. It was only a matter of time before she showed up to ask for his money or influence. Not him, just what he could give.”
Billionaire’s Secret is so different from the other Lyz Kelley books that I have read! Big city vibes, with big city situations. Lyz brings to light real life moments and memories. Showing the struggles of living with abuse and it’s aftermaths is risky, but Lyz does it tastefully in this book. We meet the Carver family in a Billionaire’s Secret and Lyz introduces us to a group of characters that are all supportive of each other. With secrets from the past, and hopes for the future, Billionaire’s Secret will have you wanting more!
“Envy stabbed his heart. For a brief moment he indulged himself in longing for the impossible, then turned away. A love like theirs would never happen for him.”


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