**Release Tour** This Ain’t Love by AJ Love

This Ain’t Love
by AJ Love

(book #1 in the Harry Dukes Series)

Release Date 14th February
Genre: College Romance/RomCom
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Blake Riley has a crush that needs to be ripped out of her.
Then buried.
Then set on fire.
And she needs it to happen yesterday.
Cameron Jackson doesn’t care about crushes.
Or that the girl he wants to bang is doing everything she can to fend him off.
He wants to hook up.
And he wants it to happen everyday.
She’s one girl.

Stuck in a house with five guys.
Like the opening credits of a 90’s porno.
Only not.
The porno would be better.
So much better.

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Review by Tara

“Oh yeah, she definitely wants me alright. And I’m gonna let her have me as many times as she can damn well manage it.”
In this quirky rom-com, 4 college dudes get the surprise of their lives when their new roommate Blake shows up. Thinking that Blake will join their group of dudes, they are pleasantly surprised when Blake is a smoking hot babe! Blake isn’t as excited about this new living arrangement, especially when one roomie catches her eye in all the wrong ways.
“ I’m not the guy she should be texting, and I shouldn’t be wanting to make her feel better. But I do. I do want that.”
AJ wrote This Ain’t Love with so much humour, that I actually snort laughed numerous times while I was reading. Diving into a horny college students mind is a scary thing, but AJ did justice to this topic by writing this hilarious book! Amongst the moments of snarky and sexy comments, there are some touching moments of self-realization and discovering new emotions.
“I can’t stop seeing him with that girl. Which is stupid. Because I shouldn’t care. Oh God, how do I stop caring? I just need to go home. And maybe just stay there. Forever.”


Meet the Author

AJ Love has been writing since she was a little girl, never leaving the house without a notebook. As a corporate stooge and single mother, she spends all of her free time reading, writing and drinking too much coffee (wine). AJ has a strong passion for the literary world and before writing her book, spent all of her time reviewing others. She also enjoys talking with all that read her book(s), her philosophy being that readers and authors are all part of the same world – a world where they are all enthusiastic about words.

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