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Wandering in Love

(Written in the Stars: Sagittarius)

By Andi Jaxon

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I don’t know why I came home. Not really.

I’ve been on my own for ten years but something about the storm had me running once again, only this time, back to my roots.

I broke his heart the day I left. No explanation, just good bye. Ian Rojas was my first friend, my first love.

There’s no way he can forgive me, not with the history we have. The stars tell me he’s mine but he doesn’t know why I left and I don’t think I can tell him.

Has fate brought me back to heal our hearts or am I destined to keep running?


Review by Tara

What would you do if the one person you loved left? No goodbye…nothing. Would you question your time together? Would you move on?
“After the thunder and lightning, there’s always rain. The power is displayed like a warning of her wrath, and then the rain comes and washes the sins away. I have a lot of sins I need cleansed from me.”
Ian loves Eva. Always has and always will. But when Eva leaves, without a word, Ian cannot seem to move on. Eva needed to go, to find herself. And that meant leaving and hurting those she loves. But when fate brings her back home, can she figure out what she wants in life? Can Ian let go of the past to have a future?
“Everything is spinning out of control. I haven’t felt this crazed since she up and left. What is it about this girl that ties me up in knots, making me crazy?”
I love the Written in the Stars series. Each book is so unique, and so is Wandering in Love. From the small town to the love the characters have for each other, Andi really makes you feel like you’re living in Willow Springs. Ian and Eva’s connection is steaming hot, but their struggles will pull at your heart strings.

Meet the Author

Andi Jaxon is one of the most random people you will probably ever come in contact with. Her favorite accessory is rainbows (she has glasses and converse), big hoop earrings, and fake eyelashes (she only recently learned how to put them on). She always has coffee on hand so she can try to keep up with the three minions she’s created.

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