**Release Tour** Where the Stars Fall by Ana Simons


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover design by Perrin Brunson, The Author Buddy
A full-length, standalone contemporary romance, Where the Stars Fall is a story of love lost and found, with lots of heart, angst, and emotion. All proceeds of this book will be donated to charity as part of an initiative that aims at supporting organisations whose mission is to brighten up the lives of seriously ill children. (Learn more about it here.) 
Betrayal always comes from the ones you least expect…
When the man he’d always considered his second father betrays him, Brian Anderson’s controlled world spins out of control. Left without closure, a year has passed and he’s more determined than ever to make the man pay for hurting the ones he loves most, his family.Immersed in his search for justice, falling in love was the last thing on his mind. Until fate steps in and a chance encounter changes everything.

Seeing Olivia again, so unexpectedly, at his best friend’s wedding stirs up memories he had long ago put away. She’d been his first love, his kindred spirit… and the woman who left him without saying so much as goodbye.

Which doesn’t make him want her less. He knows it, the moment she locks her deep green eyes on his.

Even knowing it might be too late to repair what’s been once broken, Brian refuses to lose her again and sets out to find a way back to her heart.

But it’s been more than ten years since their story was left unfinished. Will they get one last chance to make things right? Or will Brian learn that sometimes justice comes at too high a price?



Ana is an author of contemporary fiction and romance. Her novels are sweet and sexy, heartfelt and emotional. Drawing inspiration from life, she enjoys writing honest stories about the complexities of modern relationships and family dynamics – which means sometimes you may find yourself relating to the many struggles some of us face in our everyday lives, at other times, cracking a good laugh. Or swooning over one of the heroes.
Tara’s 4**** Review
“Here’s the bare truth about deception: it’s happened to us all, one time or another. You’ve put your trust in someone only to find out later they were lying to your face, and you were being played in accordance with their own twisted agenda.”
In a world filled with uncertainty, love is our only constant. But what if that love you so desperately crave, it out of your reach?
“I let go of her hand and stay here, frozen, watching her walk away. And it consumes me in a way I no longer thought possible, this feeling that my life has just crumbled into tiny pieces all over again.”
Brian once loved, so hard, but that love disappeared instantly. Constantly thinking about the girl that left, Brian has trudged through life, always reminded of Olivia. When he gets a second chance to see her, he’ll stop at nothing to have her again. But life has other plans, and the past and it’s demons sneak up on these two. With the help of some great friends and family members, Ana creates a story where drama, love and hope come together in Where The Stars Fall.
“I could scream and cry at the hurt, which is so overwhelming, much greater and more painful than anything I’ve ever felt before. It burns immensely, and I almost hate her for hurting me this much. Or maybe I hate myself for loving her this way. I don’t know.”
Help Ana support the children’s charity, Rays of Sunshine, by giving Where the Stars Fall a chance!

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