The Lawyer by Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune – excerpt 1




The Lawyer

Book 2 in The Broderick Series

by Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune

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Ruthless, dispassionate and callous.

I coerce and threaten, using intellect and power to subdue my enemies. That’s what the Cane’s needed in a Lawyer and that’s how the world now sees Landon Broderick. But roles are shifting. And family drama certainly isn’t welcome in my ceaseless unrest.

At least my dirty, little distraction keeps me sane. She’s wild and free, sordid and beneath my standing, and yet I crave her above any other woman. No touching, though. No attachment either.

It isn’t until Willow Etherington, my new PA, diverts my attention that I begin to feel myself weaken. She’s fierce and unyielding, professional and direct. And while sleeping with my staff isn’t usual, if I can’t have the one I want, I might take the one dancing a dangerous path instead.

I make the rules here now.

Family standing be damned.


Meet the Broderick siblings in this brand new, thrilling Romantic Suspense series.

Four books – four drama laden love stories.

Families are complicated, especially when they’re built on scandals, secrets and lies.






Excerpt 1 – Landon

Sitting in the stark, leather chair, I get myself comfortable and look at the glass in front of me. Four-foot square—that’s all I get. A smoky, black sheen covers it at the moment. It’ll be that way until she comes up from below. My cock’s already hard at the thought of it, let alone the sight. Not that I need it. She’s already hardwired into my brain, every fucking inch of her, except her face. I can see her already, see her olive skin and taut, lithe frame. Masses of long dark hair, just enough of it to cascade over firm breasts with dark nipples.

My smile broadens at the thought of them, dirty images coming because of the near sheer lingerie she wore the last time I saw her here. Even the panties were sheer, giving me a glimpse of the dark hair smattered under them. Peachy arse, round and solid under the moves she was pulling off.


I shift in the seat, already needing to ease the tension building in my groin. What I wouldn’t give to get inside her. She’ll be tight, like a clamp around me. Agile muscles holding on until I bend her over something and drill everything I’ve got inside her. Fuck, if she doesn’t make me want to destroy her. I want that wild hair in my hands, that mouth sucking me off. And then I want to

My hand pushes down on my cock at the thought, eyes still trained on this goddamn glass that’s in between us. In fact, the longer I’m waiting, the more I’m damned sure this isn’t going to work for me much longer. Mine—that’s what she needs to be. At least for one night a week.

The swirls of blue smoke start the moment I accept my need to investigate her further, and I watch, transfixed as her body starts rising from beneath the floor. She’s like a devil as she comes into view. Legs spread wide, high blue heels keeping her frame perfectly still as the ground beneath her spins slowly.

My eyes rake over the gold bangles on her arms, her hands perched on her hips, and then up to her head. An intricate mask covers her entire face, as it always does, silver and gold brocade lacing the edges of it with only a sliver of space for her eyes and mouth. A corset today. Fine, blue satin to match her shoes, breasts swelling over the top of it and showing me a hint of nipple. It’s as much of a tease as she is.

And then she starts moving.

Graceful moves at first. Long and demure. She flows like a fucking angel would. Soft and chic, poised and collected, until she ramps up the next few gears and starts acting like the temptress she really is. Long sweeps of her arse in my face, hands that wander over all that skin. One hand down to the floor, legs bending and then slowly climbing her fingers up her legs again.

I groan at the image of her and lean back, my breath ragged and needful. No one else does this to me. Not one fucking woman has ever made me feel so deprived. All this fucking money, all this position and stature, and it’s nothing but a common whore that reduces me to a goddamn wreck. She’s like a queen in her little box, owning me and every other fucking man that’s here to salivate over her.


5 star Review by Julie

Hot on the back of The Muse, The Lawyer didn’t disappoint.  How could it, written by such  brilliant talent?

Landon has given up everything to take over as CEO of the huge corporation Broderick Media, his life in Chicago has left him callous, ruthless, unforgiving with the inability to have any emotional attachment.  Landon exercises control in all areas of his life including that of his family.  After The Muse, I can’t say I was taken with Landon I thought he was a brute, but after this book…….

Willow is Landon’s new PA, and boy does she take him by surprise.  Having been taught a lesson in tough love, she is motivated to do well in all areas of her life.  She is confident, fierce, spirited and unafraid to speak her mind.  I actually love this girl.

With the ability to breakdown brick walls, Willow brings out a different side to Landon, a softer side and definitely one that takes him by surprise and that he doesn’t understand.  This also brings out a playful side to them both, their natural familiarity is great.  Watching them transverse a professional and personal relationship is captivating.

Both have a secret they want nobody to find out about, Willow’s could have a detrimental effect on her job, but is reluctant to give up her passion, one that allows her to be somebody totally different.

Landon’s is one that nobody can find out about, something that someone of his standing shouldn’t be seen anywhere near, but Landon wont give that up either because it’s his escape and he has a serious obsession.   

“All this fucking money, all this position and stature, and it’s nothing but a common whore that reduces me to a goddamn wreck. She’s like a queen in her little box, owning me and every other fuc&ing man that’s here to salivate over her”

Only Willow knows Landons secret and likes the power this gives her, but what happens when Landon finds out the truth.  Betrayal and suspense keeps you gripped.

Landon and Willow ignite the page, each having the power to break the other.  The sizzling chemistry, playfulness, this book has it all.  

“What we will become from this point onwards is also still unknown. But we are something. “

The clever crossover in each book is brilliant, you get to see what Seffi and Scott are up to, and also the glimpse into the next.  

Thank you Rachel and Charlotte this was absolutely brilliant, can we have The Writer now please !!



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