The Lawyer by Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune – excerpt 3




The Lawyer

Book 2 in The Broderick Series

by Charlotte E Hart & Rachel De Lune

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Ruthless, dispassionate and callous.

I coerce and threaten, using intellect and power to subdue my enemies. That’s what the Cane’s needed in a Lawyer and that’s how the world now sees Landon Broderick. But roles are shifting. And family drama certainly isn’t welcome in my ceaseless unrest.

At least my dirty, little distraction keeps me sane. She’s wild and free, sordid and beneath my standing, and yet I crave her above any other woman. No touching, though. No attachment either.

It isn’t until Willow Etherington, my new PA, diverts my attention that I begin to feel myself weaken. She’s fierce and unyielding, professional and direct. And while sleeping with my staff isn’t usual, if I can’t have the one I want, I might take the one dancing a dangerous path instead.

I make the rules here now.

Family standing be damned.


Meet the Broderick siblings in this brand new, thrilling Romantic Suspense series.

Four books – four drama laden love stories.

Families are complicated, especially when they’re built on scandals, secrets and lies.






Excerpt 3 – Willow


Monday finally arrives, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt as excited to get to work. It’s like the first day at school when I was a kid, and everything was shiny and new.

In an hour, I’ll walk into my office, and Landon’s, and I’ll know his darkest, filthiest secret—me.  Even taming my hair feels easier, like it knows that it’s important to cooperate today. The lineup of shoes all look at me as if they want to be chosen today, but my sky-high black heels win out. Fuck-me heels are not my usual go to, but with a red sole, I can still pull them off as professional. Just.

For the first time since I started, I’m early into the office. The floor is quiet, and I go to my desk, turn on my computer and set the coffee machine working. Anticipation has me clapping my hands together in my own personal cheer as I check the time and what’s on the schedule today. Landon has his usual morning briefings, but so do we. And there’s more stuff to organise with the ball just around the corner.

Catering details, floral arrangements, access requests—the list is endless and clogging my inbox.

At precisely nine, I push open Landon’s door, without knocking, and with my tablet in hand I strut across to the seat opposite his desk and sit. I cross my legs in a slow tease, that, if I was wearing what Juniper wore on Friday, should have his eyes popping out of his skull.

Instead, he looks mildly irritated.

I break eye contact, smile to myself, and pull up the calendar app on the tablet. “Shall we begin?” I offer my biggest smile. There’s no way that I’ll let him intimidate or shake me today. “Yes.”

“So, after your run-in with legal, Tonya has requested a meeting with you today to go over her position and contract.”

“Smart, but no. It will be a standard contract. Non-negotiable. She’s lucky I picked her.”  “Salary?”

“Equal to whatever David’s was.”

“I’ll confirm the usual meeting time and amend the calendar accordingly. Did you enjoy Friday night?” I ask with my eyes downcast, scribbling with my stylus on the tablet screen.

“What?” The edge of steel in his voice shouldn’t send my heart racing, but it does. I look up and tilt my head to the side, wondering if he’s picturing me dancing for him again.

“You asked me about Friday last week. I’m merely returning the courtesy. It’s quite common to ask how your weekend was on a Monday morning.” I smile as innocently as I can.

“You didn’t ask me about the weekend. You asked about Friday night.”

“Well, okay. Did you enjoy your weekend?” I uncross and re-cross my legs and lean my elbow on the arm of the chair.

“It was fine. Yours?” He scowls after his question.

“You know, can’t complain. Shall I bring your coffee now? Then we can go over the arrangements for the ball?”

He groans. “Not the ball again. Surely I’ve done enough.”

“It’s the ball to celebrate your father stepping down and you taking over Broderick Media. You could leave it to me, but as your father put this in motion and insisted the venue be Tallington Hall, out in the middle of nowhere, there are points I need clarifying. Why did he choose some draughty estate mansion, anyway? I’d have thought somewhere in the city would be much more your style. Glass, clean lines, open plan.” My little secret has given me a confidence I don’t usually feel outside of my performance, and I’m talking more because of it.

“You don’t know my tastes.” “No, of course, I don’t.” I smile to myself and tilt my head at him. “Not at all.”

“What?” He looks confused. I’m not surprised. “Willow, I don’t have time for this today.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll get your coffee.” I stand and place my tablet on my chair before I sway my hips in my retreat to my office.

Coffee made, I return as casually as I entered the first time. This time, he watches as I come in, his hands steepled together.

I smile as I put the beverage down and go back to my seat.

“So, are you taking a date to the ball?” I start. There isn’t a plus one on the guest list, but I want to know if there’s anybody in his life other than Juniper.

“A date?”

“Yes. They tend to accompany you to these types of events even if you’re not the dating type of guy.”

“They don’t accompany me.” He’s back to being dismissive and gruff.

“Okay. No plus one for you. Your tux is ready and will be sent across from Nuova Moda, and you can take it with you Friday night. The limo is booked for Saturday at four. That way you’ll arrive in plenty of time and before the guests. Unless you want to drive?” I check.

“I’ll be working, so limo is fine. When will you arrive?”

“Excuse me?” I stop short at his question, and for the first time since arriving today, I feel my confidence dip.

“When will you arrive? You’ll need to ensure everything runs like clockwork. Nina organised most of this, and she won’t be there.”

“I don’t have an invitation, Landon, so I hadn’t planned to be there.” Nope. I’ll be dancing. At The Priory, and not for him.

“If you think you’ll be able to run the event from your sofa at home, then you’ve got little experience in events, which is becoming quite clear now.”

“Hey, knock it off, Landon. I’m more than capable─”

“Then start showing me you’re capable. You can book a car. And you’ll need a room to change. You’ll be there for most of the afternoon. And make sure you wear something appropriate. Not what you’d wear for work.”

“You want me to come to the ball?” I can’t deny that my heart just skipped a little at the thought of attending. From all the plans, the photos, the colour charts and menus, it will be one hell of a party.

“Clearly, that’s evident with what I’ve just said.” The flush of heat that colours my cheeks betrays my thoughts of him in a tux. Of course, I’ve seen him in far more compromising situations, but something about him in a tux makes me press my lips together and swallow.

“You don’t mind if I call in an appointment at Nuova Moda to ensure I have something appropriate, do you? I’m afraid that my wardrobe might not be to everyone’s tastes.” There’s got to be a benefit of working for a media empire with a fashion magazine in the same building

. I smile and glance at my shoes and then back up to Landon.

His eyes linger on my legs for a fraction longer than they should before coming back to look at me. “Fine.”  “Right. I’m off then. And, I have to cancel my plans.” I call back.  “What plans?”

“Another personal question, Landon. What has gotten into you?”  He looks back at his work. “You should probably check your own mouth before questioning mine, Willow.” His hand waves me off, dismissing me. “Don’t come back in here unless there’s an emergency.”

“As you say, Landon.” I mock curtsey before leaving his office. It’s quite fun being in on the secret. Although, as I sit back at my desk, I realise that there could be a path to disaster in front of me if I’m not careful.


5 star Review by Julie

Hot on the back of The Muse, The Lawyer didn’t disappoint.  How could it, written by such  brilliant talent?

Landon has given up everything to take over as CEO of the huge corporation Broderick Media, his life in Chicago has left him callous, ruthless, unforgiving with the inability to have any emotional attachment.  Landon exercises control in all areas of his life including that of his family.  After The Muse, I can’t say I was taken with Landon I thought he was a brute, but after this book…….

Willow is Landon’s new PA, and boy does she take him by surprise.  Having been taught a lesson in tough love, she is motivated to do well in all areas of her life.  She is confident, fierce, spirited and unafraid to speak her mind.  I actually love this girl.

With the ability to breakdown brick walls, Willow brings out a different side to Landon, a softer side and definitely one that takes him by surprise and that he doesn’t understand.  This also brings out a playful side to them both, their natural familiarity is great.  Watching them transverse a professional and personal relationship is captivating.

Both have a secret they want nobody to find out about, Willow’s could have a detrimental effect on her job, but is reluctant to give up her passion, one that allows her to be somebody totally different.

Landon’s is one that nobody can find out about, something that someone of his standing shouldn’t be seen anywhere near, but Landon wont give that up either because it’s his escape and he has a serious obsession.   

“All this fucking money, all this position and stature, and it’s nothing but a common whore that reduces me to a goddamn wreck. She’s like a queen in her little box, owning me and every other fuc&ing man that’s here to salivate over her”

Only Willow knows Landons secret and likes the power this gives her, but what happens when Landon finds out the truth.  Betrayal and suspense keeps you gripped.

Landon and Willow ignite the page, each having the power to break the other.  The sizzling chemistry, playfulness, this book has it all.  

“What we will become from this point onwards is also still unknown. But we are something. “

The clever crossover in each book is brilliant, you get to see what Seffi and Scott are up to, and also the glimpse into the next.  

Thank you Rachel and Charlotte this was absolutely brilliant, can we have The Writer now please !!



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